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  1. JMCH

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    We know very little about GoT planet, beyond that (based on irregularity of seasons) it's orbit in relation to it's sun is seriously weird. Given how far it is to Asshai from Westeros travelling Eastwards, going West could be a massive shortcut, as was originally intended by Colombus (provided that, unlike Colombus, she doesn't find a pesky undiscovred continent in the way). That's even assuming it's a spherical planet, of course for all we know, it could be a 'discworld' and she falls off the edge Incidentally, the GoT world is supposed to mimic medieval Europe, and while most commoners at the time might have thought the world was flat (or didn't care either way), scholars knew it was a globe, which was known since the time of the Greeks*. I would hazard a guess that the maesters at least should know it was a globe if it WAS a globe. *Incidentally, one of those Greek chaps (I forget the name) had calculated the circumference of the Earth pretty accurately using nothing more than the length of the shadow of a stick at a given distance from a known point on the equator (known because no shadow is cast at noon by a vertical stick), and some basic trigonometry. So Colombus should have known how far India or even China was travelling west from Spain i.e. far further than his supplies would ever have lasted. So he got really lucky to find America in the way!
  2. JMCH

    The Ending Was very conventional

    True, since most of those fantasies are based on historical eras and in fictional worlds which reflect the upbringing of the authors. But in this particular case, Westeros is a male-dominated medieval hierarchy that is exclusively white. How could the hero be anything else than a white male? It's actually rather refreshing that there are strong female protagonists with Catelyn Stark, Arya, Dani, Cersei etc Of course, generally speaking, it could be possible that there are volumes and volumes of beautifully written epic stories with non-white / female etc heroines that aren't being published because the publishers are bigots, but I highly doubt it. More likely a there's tons of pretty good literature with non-white heroes that are written in Hindi / Chinese / Arabic etc that don't get translated to English or simply aren't heavily marketed / don't sell with a 'western' audience, or else is written for a western audience but isn't so well known. That in itself might also reflect the cultural biases of the buying public.
  3. JMCH

    The Ending Was very conventional

    plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
  4. JMCH

    Two Questions about this Episode

    He can literally see everything that's ever happened, if not in the world then at least in Westeros. Since '10 minutes ago' is also technically the past, he has a near-real-time omniscience, which means he knows of any plots being hatched against him. More importantly, he has both the knowledge of all events leading up to such plots and the compassion to understand why the plotters are behaving in specific ways, allowing him to disarm the plot while addressing any specific grievances. If that isn't some kind of weird magic (aka superpower) then I don't know what is.
  5. That's my feel for it myself. I actually don't have any problem with that story arc per-se, on the contrary it's that wonderfully tragic story that GRRM has woven time and again into the books. What really is out of place is the sudden transformation, it looks like the whole season was rushed through to fit in 6 episodes, when having 8-10 episodes as with previous seasons would have allowed more character development to fill the gaps, while still leaving it as enough of a sudden transformation to be a shocking surprise when she burns KL.