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  1. You know what I hate the most? All it would have taken is 5-6 more episodes to give it an ending it deserved. I mean...I have no problem with the actual endings, just how we got there. Which was unbelievably half arsed.
  2. Stomalomalus

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    Hey guys! So I just registered to comment on this. 2 parts to this for me: 1) The White Book 2) Jaime's character So, let's start with Brienne's closing scene. I liked it a lot...but I do feel like it would have been nice to have a shot of her name up there on the next page. Otherwise it does kinda feel like her point is to close Jaime's character arc, not live her own. On Jaime, I feel like his ending was the absolute best one of all the characters. It was human and it was the actions of someone in an abusive relationship: someone who's never known better. Well, he does get to know better, for one night, but then he cannot live with it and goes back to his abuser... It's absolutely perfect, for me, and one of the few things that I feel was actually well done. He cannot explain it to Brienne because he cannot explain it to himself.