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  1. Probably deliberate, he wrote her to be an immature, spoiled princess type that has all her dreams go to shit in order for her to grow up and realize how wrong/misguided she was. But first she’s gotta play the spoiled princess. George knew what he was doing by having her be mean to the far more sympathetic/likeable Jon and Arya. He knew what he was doing when he had her lie about Micha to protect Joffrey, and then later when she told Cersei all of Ned’s plans because she was so desperate to marry Joffrey and become queen. He wanted us to go “man Sansa sucks” in book 1, and then say “damn Sansa you’ve come a long way” in book 4. Kinda like Jamie, but less redemption-ey.
  2. They kinda ignored the Stark children’s dynamics in the show and season 1 Sansa was toned down a lot, but in the books Sansa ALWAYS corrects her siblings whenever they call Jon their brother, and usually references him being a bastard like it’s a bad thing whenever he’s brought up. She’s not as bad as Cat, but she def treats him/thinks of him like he’s less than (until she gains perspective in book 4). She also calls Arya “Arya Horseface”, and her and Jeyne Poole make fun of/bully Arya constantly. It’s why so many people hate Sansa, she makes a horrible first impression and she’s not even remotely sympathetic until book 2, and by then it’s too late for a lot of people. Doesn’t help D&D botched her character down the stretch (like they did everyone else’s), and made her revert back to being unlikeable (but without any consequences this time) to subvert expectations. It really is crazy how many major characters they ruined in the final few seasons.
  3. King Wyman

    What are you least looking forward to?

    I meant 4 more books including Winds and Dream....so 2 extra, 9 in total. Winds will likely be season 6 too, not 7 and 8. Jon is still dead, Dany just got picked up by the Dothraki and Tyrion hasn’t even met her yet. Most characters are where they were at the end of season 5 (or the equivalent of) and the show left out a ton of other characters/subplots that need to be resolved. And seasons 7 and 8 were crazy rushed, so I don’t know how he gets all of that in one book and have it be satisfying. But I highly doubt we get anything beyond Winds anyway, so it’s all a moot point.
  4. King Wyman

    Theory: Book Jorah kills Jon

    Blame D&D for Jon. They botched his character when Jamie punked him out in episode 1, and he never recovered. Look how many of his accomplishments were either toned down (defense of the Wall) or left out entirely (Stannis’ march). Even his speech to Mance was dumbed down to “durrrr I wanna fight for the living durrrrr.” His fate is likely killing Dany and ending up at the Wall, but there’s no chance it happens the same way in the books. They left out AA/NN n Lightbringer, they forgot to give him something to do during the Long Night, they forgot his character is good at things besides swinging a sword (which he’s only OK at), they didn’t realize he’s capable of critical thinking, they thought he was a Ned clone for some reason, they forgot he doesn’t give a shit what Sansa thinks and that Arya actually likes him (or has a personality), and they stripped his POV away so Dany could go mad in 2 episodes. Then there’s Book Dany who has actual foreshadowing for her madness, isn’t advised by incompetent morons, won’t refuse to take King’s Landing because the show needs Lena Heady, isn’t as emotionally invested in the much younger Missiandi (who will have no relationship with Grey Worm), and she has a host of enemies the show left out that will likely earn her her reputation and give the nowhere near as bitter Sansa an actual reason to hate her. She also won’t burn thousands of innocent people after the city surrendered, because GRRM isn’t a heavy-handed hack who needed the audience to be 100% sure Dany = bad. D&D knew killing her would divide the fan base, so they overcompensated with fan service for favorite characters (even Tyrion) hoping to appease people. GRRM said watching season 8 was like watching an alternate reality, so def don’t expect the same level of Stark porn or Jon buffoonery.
  5. King Wyman

    The Iron Throne Episode script is out

    Well at least the script says Jon doesn’t fully forgive Sansa, it made no sense he was so cool with her. Still wish he had a Scarface from Half Baked moment in the Dragon Pit tho.
  6. King Wyman

    What are you least looking forward to?

    I mean I’m down for a 2,000 page final book after a 1,600 page Winds. I do e-books on my phone at this point, so it’s no bother to me lol. I just think too much needs to happen, even if he does some how learn self-discipline. A 2-part Dream is fine, but they need to be meaty parts. We’re basically at the end of season 5, and he himself said the show should have been 10-12 seasons, which is like 4 more books, so who knows.
  7. King Wyman

    What are you least looking forward to?

    For real. I just don’t see any way it can be finished in 2 books, but he won’t admit it for some reason.
  8. King Wyman

    What are you least looking forward to?

    Getting to the end 2 days after the book comes out knowing full well DoS will never be released. Seeing a ton of plot points get whittled down to the bare bones because 2 books isn’t enough to properly wrap this story up and he knows it. Hearing how all his notes/manuscripts were burnt after he dies to avoid another WoT/Sanderson debacle.
  9. King Wyman

    Theory: Book Jorah kills Jon

    If they were willing to spare Jon when GRRM specifically told them he ends up dead, then there’s no way they would have killed Dany. As much as I hate D&D, their comments before the season began made it sound like they knew the ending was shit. Pretty sure if it was up to them, the whole finale would have been fan service, instead of just the 90% fan service that it was. Drogon, Grey Worm, and the Dothraki don’t kill Jon for no other reason than George told them he survives.
  10. The North was the poorest and least populated realm (by far) in the 7 Kingdoms before the books/show even began. We’re talking centuries worth of decline. If reinforcements were an option, then they wouldn’t have had little girls fighting in the Long Night. Those theoretical boys grown into men don’t exist. Jon flat out stated they had 13k left in season 7, and there wasn’t even enough time for Cersei to start showing her pregnancy between then and the end season 8, so increasing those numbers significantly is impossible, even without the Long Night happening. Especially when parents are killing their children so they won’t have to starve to death because, again, the North is super poor and has been ravaged by war and winter. They also said the Dothraki still had half their numbers which means 50k since they started with 100k. I personally thought they were wiped out in that dumb suicide charge, but they specifically said they still had half their numbers. And people take offense to their leader being murdered (just look at the Starks). Especially Dothraki who are actual savages and know nothing about due process. It’s part of their lore to avenge their fallen Khal at all costs. Grey Worm was literally murdering innocent prisoners who surrendered 5 minutes before Jon killed Dany. They don’t care about who rules the North, but they would absolutely want vengence for Dany’s murder, and would never wait for a trial or even view that as an option. Expecting the Dothraki, Dorne, the Reach, and Iron Islands to just be cool with Jon and the North, is like expecting Ned Stark to deliver himself for execution to Aerys, or for Robb to bend the knee to Joffrey. That’s one of the reasons northern independence (based on what they showed) makes no sense. They’re utterly dependent on Bran providing supplies and keeping all of their enemies at bay.
  11. King Wyman

    How would you have ended it?

    New idea based on something I said in another thread: Basically the same up until Jon’s trial. Sansa, Tyrion, Sam, Davos, Gendry, and Arya are all demanding Jon’s freedom saying he’s the rightful heir to the throne. Yara, the prince of Dorne, Greyworm and the Dothraki are fully opposed, it leads to a huge disagreement and both sides prepare for war. Sansa and Arya plan Jon’s jail break, and then Sansa begins politcking to get the Vale, Riverlands, Lannister remminents and the Reach (still neutral) to their side. Arya frees Jon using her FM skills, but on the way out they get caught and have to fight unsullied. After a few sweet action scenes, they flee into KL, but realize they can’t get through the gates. Next morning, Dorne, Iron Islands and Dothraki are lined up for battle and clearly have the superior force. But then the Vale (led by Sweet Robin) and the Riverlands (led by Edmure) shows up in support of the north. The Reach (led by a Hightower) show’s up in support of team Yara though, and it looks like the North is badly outnumbered. In KL, Jon comes face-to-face with Grey Worm, and the two fight. They battle to a stalemate,and have a little heart-to-heart where Jon explains his POV and Grey Worm has the moment of clarity his actor claimed he had at Comic-Con. As the two armies begin to charge into battle, a huge roar is heard and Drogon shows up under Bran’s control. The two armies stop fighting for fear of Drogon, and have another Dragon Pit meeting. People push for Jon to be King, but he refuses and just up and leaves. Everyone looks to Grey Worm to stop him, but he lets him go and then leaves himself taking the Dothraki with him on a quest to free slaves and continue Dany’s legacy. With the external threat gone, Bran gets nominated to be king by the Hightower who is in awe of his power. Bran agrees, but offers Independence with fair trade/support to anyone who wants it. The North, Dorne and the Iron Islands all take it. Jon joins the Wildings, Arya goes west, Bran rules the 4 Kingdoms, Sansa is queen of the north, Tyrion is Hand (I guess), Brienne is Bran’s LC, Drogon goes back east, Sam takes Hornhill, Davos is master of ships, etc. Everything is basically the same outcome-wise, but I feel like this adds way more context and pays off arcs in a more satisfying way.
  12. If you’re asking who had armies left to fight the North if they really wanted to, it’s Dorne (relatively untouched), the Reach (untouched outside of Tarly and Tyrell families), Grey Worm and the 50k Dothraki, and Yara could have taken Moat Calen again to block the North from returning home. Basically if all of Dany’s allies said “you know what, no I won’t bow down to some rando Stark (who’s own sister wont bow either), I want vengeance for my queen” the North and Tyrion would be screwed. Jon claimed the North had 13k fighting men left in season 7, and they fought 2 huge battles and lost all the Wildings since that estimate. The Dothraki alone have 50k. Jon would also be a hostage the entire time. The North is at their weakest point in history, tired from fighting 3 wars in the span of a year, suffered major losses at the Red Wedding, and were one of the poorest realms before everything went to shit anyway. If shit went down, I don’t see anyway they come out on top unless Bran wargs into Drogon....which would have made for a way better ending than what we got.
  13. King Wyman

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    If Bran didn’t want to be king, then he would have never left Wintefell. Or wouldn’t have sassily said “why do you think I came all this way”. Or would have spoken up about all the things he was seeing to try to prevent what happened. He also agreed to be king, can step down whenever he wants, and seems content with his 3EC powers. And Frodo left Middle Earth with Bilbo, Gandalf, and a bunch of elves. They were on the bittersweet boat with him leaving their home forever because magic left the world. Jon is probably sleeping in the same bed he did in season 5 as he patrols the same areas he did in season 1. And the only other character in his proximity is happily returning home. Frodo also left a hero beloved by the masses. Jon is an exiled criminal who’s reputation is shot. Every other character has a choice in their fate (Frodo did too), but Jon doesn’t. That’s kinda my point. He took all the bitter for everyone else’s benefit.
  14. King Wyman

    Why is Sam Grand Maester?

    Paxtor Redwyn is a great naval commander who’s massive fleet is untouched in the show, and the Hightower’s are the richest house in the 7 Kingdoms with one of the biggest army’s. Ignore Olenna saying that. That was another D&D don’t know the lore moment, as they tried to explain how High Garden could fall in an hour with no siege. Also the Dothraki left Drogo cuz he was too weak to ride a horse BEFORE he died. Dany was murdered at her peak. They would have gone on a rampage seeking vengeance, not happily wait around for due process to take effect, and then walk right by her murderer totally cool on their way out. She named them all her bloodriders.
  15. King Wyman

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Apparently it’s a magical boy who can see the past and pick and choose all the successful policy’s throughout history. GRRM’s solution to “what was Aragorn’s tax policy?” is magic boy googles the most effective one from history. He can also see what’s happening currently so nobody can ever plot against him. Oh, and he’s a cripple so he can never be seduced or “do stupid things for love” like his dumbass father and brothers....and aunt, uncle, grandfather....and most of his mother’s side too. Who’s ready for 10k years (or however many thousands Damphair said) of the best ruler ever? Such a cop out lol.