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  1. Of course she was, i thought that was clear long time ago. There are plenty of "statistical videos" on mentions, popularity etc. Daenerys was always on top of them.
  2. Im one of those pessimistic guys that think GRRM is 72yo and very obese, also his writing as of recent is really slow, so at best i see just TWOW published.
  3. let me spoil it for you guys, nothing from what happened in the show will be in the books... because there will be no books
  4. Well the man said it clearly in the interview: 1. Tyrion 2/3. Arya/Dany 4. Sam 5. Jon
  5. Thats interesting take, also if i remember correctly GRRM said that he will do a plot twist in TWOW with a character that is no longer alive in the show and one of the main candidates for tihs is Barristan, also he confirmed in a later interview that he is going for that twist. So this is very interesting, one of the betrayals Dany saw in the visions might be Barristan? P.s Also what comes as an idea is the dream Tyrion has - where he fights side by side with Bittersteel and Barristan, seems like a prophetic dream on a fight where Tyrion, Aegon/JonCon/GoldenCompany and Barristan will fight together versus the Lannisters, him slaying his father might be a metaphor for slaying Cersei and Bittersteel for the Golden Company.
  6. I said, not that thinfoilish, not that i buy it 100%, it just made me think something is wrong about Daenerys and her backstory and some of the stuff there made sense.
  7. Yeah im thinking the same, however my question was if the letter to GRRM and his answer are real, or someone is just photoshopping etc
  8. Do you by any chance have idea if that letter to GRRM where he is asked about Dany's past is legit? “Dany remembers a lemon tree outside the house with the red door in Braavos, but citrus trees shouldn’t really grow in Braavos’s cold, foggy climate. Is this discrepancy significant? Does it point to future revelations about Dany’s past?” “Very perceptive of you. Yes, it does point to… well, that would be telling.”
  9. I enjoyed the read and found it not that thin-foilish. Of course you need to ignore any TV show related stuff and be willing to explore alternative explanations.
  10. from the looks of the few comments i skimmed it seems nobody has read this essay: https://thelasthearth.freeforums.net/thread/572/dany A bit thinfoilish but still if someone is into alternative theories its worth a read. P.s(No there is no mother and son incest lol and Daenerys is still Targaryen but not the one she thinks).
  11. ITs not about 100% correct medieval battle plans and tactics or full realism. Its about common sense during a scene. I mean come on... i am no historian or anything, i enjoyed the good FX of the show, i even enjoyed that silly scene in BoB where the horses crash around Jon... however when the background build up for the battle gets so absurd like the last season it bothers me and its hard to enjoy the good stuff.
  12. Hm, what do you mean. He says the chance of Bran not being the king is very low(he first says 100% and after that says its 99%). And in general those are the 3 "WTF moments" coming out of George. I dont see this story ending with the typical king/queen, meaning i dont see it as Daenerys or Jon ruling in the end.
  13. Well the Battle of the Blackwater sequence... if you follow it its actually about the characters - there is dialogue, emotion, acting... etc. While the later battles are about showing off special effects and pointless slaughter and slashing. If you compare the costs of the blackwater episode with BOB or the "short night" im sure its a fraction of it and its still much better.
  14. Oh yeah i do not question that the burning of KL will make sense in the books(if it happens). I am just not able to understand the DRASTIC shift in the show that happened in 3 stages (1-4 seasons same quality - good -> 5-6 seasons same quality - much worse story wise with some cool episodes in s.6->s7 bad in general with good visuals-> s8 - complete disaster in writing) This just does not make much sense to me and i think there is a nasty story behind it.
  15. https://i.imgur.com/iI8gkka.jpg Hello James. From what you know, how much of the show's ending for the major characters (Jon, Dany, Arya, Tyrion, Bran, Sansa) aligns with what George is planning? Sounds interesting especially in the context of the question that is the main heroes.
  16. Found the thread if anyone is interested is from the last 24h and it covers a lot of questions:
  17. Well you are in a book/show forum, do you seriously expect that others but book fans that are passionate will come here to post 1.5years after the shows end and argue about things? Anyway again: 1. The shows ending is the only ending of the story that we will get 2. I think there is at least 30% chance we dont see Winds ever and about 80% chance we do not see Spring. 3. I think there is at least 30% chance GRRM does not like his story from Winds onward and is rewriting lost of stuff in the last 5 or so years. 4. Its really a shame that GRRM himself is actually confirming/spoiling stuff in a book written by some journalist about the show... i mean he did confirm 100% 3 things that came from him but is avoiding to confirm or deny the "elephant in the room" that is Daenerys and her journey.
  18. I strongly believe this question was asked way early in the show. Probably the first 2-3 seasons.
  19. https://pastebin.com/j8khSq44 https://pastebin.com/Za0Ydd5H https://pastebin.com/YsnHqYkL https://pastebin.com/QiKSSM80 I think 17 is the one you need for book to show and where GRRM really got off the hook.
  20. Btw i honestly feel that Martin is going nowhere with his story - if you look at his interviews he should have written the whole story and a bit more untill now... I mean in 2015 he said he has hundreds of pages and that he is almost done? I even remember something like saying the book will probably come out next year(2016). And now its 2020 and he still writes. I feel that this show and the reactions to it made him rethink on what is he really doing with the story. I mean... lets say it frankly - he has a HUGE ego and u cant really say people loved season 8. And this story like any story is about the end game and the resolution of all the knots. I think he is changing a lot and rewriting a lot and this is why it takes him so much time. Having said that i am pessimistic that we will get WoW at all.
  21. If you tell me which one is that i will. Here are the contents:
  22. Here is the Daenerys part of the book: https://pastebin.com/X9m1xanu (Just click ok show me the paste) I think its the part of the book that most of the folks here are interested. I have a hard time believing this BS. How on earth can you really think that the Tarlys execution was unjust and that it would be the moment someone will actually understand that Daenerys is a Hitler clone? I mean the Tarlys are oathbreakers, who refused to kneel after being destroyed on the battlefield, and the refusal was really arrogant and in front of a large crowd. I dont see any other choice for Daenerys but to execute them on sight. Edit: For some reason the text is underlined and i cannot remove it?
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