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  1. Vince_Adult

    Best no-POV character so far ?

    Robb. There is so much going on in his mind that we never knew about. Catelyn only sees some of it, I would love to hear him struggling with duty and honor. He probably had the same thoughts about Jeyne as Jon did about Ygritte (thinking about "their" father's own infidelity and honor)
  2. Vince_Adult

    Mance and The Milkwater

    I think beyond the wall, stories like that are not seen as just children stories, they are seen as memories of a forgotten time. Perhaps Mance didn't actually believe it existed, but many wildlings (including Ygritte) clearly do. Maybe they convinced him that the stories were true or maybe he convinced them to join him by telling them he would look for it.
  3. I know the first four episodes are officially uploaded for free on YouTube, so people who haven't heard it can check it out. It's a parody of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. I think it's amazing since it combines all the things I love about Game of Thrones with one of my favorite podcasts!
  4. Vince_Adult

    What's your favorite chapter so far ?

    Arya and the Brotherhood ending up at the Inn of the Kneeling Man just after Jaime and Brienne left. And Bran and co. at Queenscrown with Jon and co. at the village. I love when the stories intertwine like that and those two are just really clear examples of it. On a much broader level, almost all the stories are intertwined which is why I love these books so much.
  5. I've become really fascinated with asoiaf art, and I'm pretty disappointed I didn't know about the calendars before now. I was thinking for my re-read I would go through all the art related to each chapter or notable place in the chapters. I was wondering if there was some huge, convenient database with artworks somewhere that I just don't know about? Or do you maybe have suggestions for an artist I should check out?
  6. Vince_Adult

    Unable to log in on the wiki

    Thank you, Ran. So I would now have 1 post count since I posted this question? Do comments count as well? I just want to edit :/
  7. Vince_Adult

    Unable to log in on the wiki

    First time user here: I assumed I would use the same log in details for the wiki that I use on this forum. Is that not correct? If so, how come it tells me that my information is incorrect even though it works on the forum?