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  1. Even sillier is the fact that neither Dorne nor the Iron Islands made a claim for independence either, since both of those cultures have even more reason to secede than the north. The whole reason Yara supported Dany in the first place was because Dany promised to allow her to be queen of the Iron Islands, and I can't imagine the Dornish would want anything to do with this new elective monarchy, since the Dornish only joined the realm because of their relationship with the Targaryens. Giving the north independence while a Stark sat the throne and never specifying whether the Iron Islands and Dorne received the same just shows that northern independence was fanservice. It's not supposed to be important, it's just supposed to be "cool" and it ends up being dumb.
  2. I think the fundamental problem with Objectivism is that human beings are not purely individual creatures. We can't thrive without others. We can't do great things without the foundation that our ancestors have laid for us. Most of us, save some rare exceptions, can't find lasting happiness without human interaction. An ideology which emphasizes the individual over all else is missing the forest for the trees. The individual can't be the foundation of society; the individual isn't self-sufficient. A much healthier version of individualism would argue that people should focus on developing their own unique talents, free from "red tape" and oppression, for the benefit of the community. That kind of individualism would both encourage individuality, creativity, and uniqueness while also remaining grounded in the community as central to a good life.
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