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  1. Do you believe that all this may be leading to something great that Martin is preparing in Harrenhal As Tywin demonstrated the position of the fortress is a great advantage as a strategic point in Westeros. So for Littlefinger it is important to occupy it if he want to increase his chances of success. Now there could be a rivalry between Emmon Frey and Littlefinger as the first one thinks that they have stolen his title of Lord Paramount of the Trident and this has been pointed out by Martin. Before leaving Harrenhal Jaime entrusts Ser Bonifer and the Holy Hundred to take charge of the bandits who continue to attack the Riverlands, most likely Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood without Banners. The interesting thing is that perhaps Bonifer could abandon her allegiance to the Lannister crown if he discovers that a descendant of Rhaella have returned. Also despite the more common opinion that Lady Stoneheart will only meet one of her daughters, the fact that the pseudonyms of Arya and Sansa, Cat and Alayne, sound similar to Catelyn and that both of them have mentions to the stone, bastard last name in the Vale and the way Arya feels her heart, makes me think that both of them will have to interact with the character. And finally Harrenhal already marked the destiny of the Starks before with Brandon, Benjen, Lyanna and Ned. Besides that Martin has placed some interesting parallels: The squires that Lyanna defeats are from the Frey and Haigh houses, orchestrators of the Red Wedding and the Blount, to which Boros belongs who more abused Sansa by order of Joffrey. Yohn Royce was the former Melee champion and now acts as Littlefinger's greatest enemy among the lords of the Vale. Possibly a member of House Dayne, Edric, and another of the Baratheon, Gendry, both related to Arya, will reappear. As a final note in the Harrenhal Forest of Gods there is a Weirwood that possibly was the inspiration for Lyanna's shield and that could be used by the Three-Eyed Raven to see what happened there and the new one, Bran,could do it again .
  2. I want to read what you think. I don't know, she is not a principal character and we don't know how far GRRM want to go with Stannis story. But as a personal opinion I think she would have made a great POV as the princess in the Wall.
  3. Well, the argument of riding, activity in which Lyanna was good and the point that Jaime remarks that attribute as the most important seems no to be enough for many, even me. But what if Ned taught Lyanna how to joust. He lived many years in the Vale where this practice is well spreaded and if Lyanna and Ned became so close in a few years they must have spent time together. Maybe Lyanna get fascinated with the stories of Ned of the south of Westeros and asked his brother to teach her about the knights customs. Another proof is that Brandon get defeated by Rhaegar in the first joust of Harrenhal's Tournament. This show that even with the effort of Rickard to get close to other realms he couldn't find a good master for his son. Maybe that is why Ned has so regrets about jousting and the war, because him Lyanna was able to avenge Howland's honor and trigger all what happened. In the future he allows Arya to learn to use Needle but when he see her bruises he think that maybe is enough cause he don't want her get hurt.
  4. Why not Ned nor Barristan got upset about the assault to Dragonstone? Both made statements about how the murder of Elia and her children annoyed them. Could have been a false intention between the rebels to marry Rhaella with Tywin, and the order gave to Stannis to kill the last Targaryen was secret? Or they just knew that could have done nothing and just waited the best for Rhaella, Viserys and Daenerys?
  5. Is it possible that was the Three-Eyed Raven who bring back to life Daenerys's dragons? Well, the detail is that Daenerys feels its heat since she began her journey in the Dothraki Sea. I have a serial of proofs that come from Fire & Blood all related with Silverwing, the dragon of the Good Queen. The first incident of a strange behavior is when Jaehaerys and Alysanne went to Oldtwon after High Septon’s death. The curious thing is that while the king descends to the square, the queen ascends to the top of the Lighthouse fanning the flames; we don't know if this was planned since there were any Master to record this journey. The second is the best known and it is when Silverwing refused to go beyond the Wall, which many attribute to the fact that its magical barrier forbade it, here we have a thought of Alysanne about the behavior of her dragon recorded in a letter. But the third clue is the one that could contradict the theory of the Wall and is that at the end of the Dance with Dragons, the civil war, the one which was the mount of queen Alysanne became a wild dragon and withdrew to the Island of the Red Lake. This place is special within the legends of the Age of Heroes, because it is said that Brandon son Garth Greenhand massacred the Children of the Forest there changing his original name of Blue Lake given to the blood spilled. The fact is that when Balerion became wild he came back to his home Valyria, but Silverwing didn't return to King's Landing nor Dragonstone. Where am I going with all this? All these strange behaviors of Silverwing are related to magical places. My theory is that the Children of the Forest whispered to the dragon, as it must be almost impossible to enter in the mind of these creatures, first as a reminder that the Lighthouse must be always afire, then a warning that if dragons cross the Wall they will die, it is remarkable that Silverwing was uncomfortable with the wind in the Wall as if it was attacking her. The last one I think was a kind of gift to the creature from the Children of the Forest giving her a place to stay in peace remembering Alysanne and her siblings, also ensuring that no one could ride her again. So it is very likely that Blood Raven was the one who awakened Daenerys's dragons, just as he sent the direwolves to the Stark children.
  6. Well, let’s start from the beginning. Why it is so important that Ice and Fire join? The first Long Night came, according to Asshai records, after a blood treason, Bloodstone Emperor killing his sister Amethyst Empress. It’s seems that Brandon de Builder was more than a simple man; my theory is that he is a bastard son of Opal Emperor. And he and Amethyst were in love, and twins were born from them, one looking like Valyrians and the other like First Men. These children were hidden in very inhospitable places, The North and The Fourteen Flames, while Brandon fought Bloodstone. So Lightbringer is not a sword, this come after in the legends, but instead these two children. That is the reason why Ice and Fire must join, because they came from the same source of magic. So, Jon Snow is finally the join of the Ice and Fire? Not because there are some conditions for this to happen, the Red Star and the darkness that comes with it are references to the comet saw in Planetos and the death of Ned Stark. This last event triggers all what happens in the saga. So Azor Ahai will reborn at this moment amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone. Well at that moment Bran and Shireen are in Winterfell and Dragonstone, Winterfell is built on a thermal water source linked to volcanoes and minerals, as well, Dragonstone is a volcanic island in the middle of the sea. They are waking the magic of their ancient houses. Before I mentioned that the sword of the legend was referring to two kids, well in the ancient text is stipulated that the sword of Azor Ahai breaks two times, one when is tempered in water and the other when in a lion. Bran almost die by Jaime Lannister, a lion, and Shireen also almost die, but by Greyscale, a disease related with water. Then there must be a last successful attempt to forge Lightbringer again. Well many theories states that someone must die in order to this happen but the main fact is that the soul of Nissa Nissa lives in the sword. It is a sacrifice where life triumph what defeats the Long Night, not the death. Where and when this could happen? Shireen is in the Wall and Bran is beyond there. Then Bran must go to the Wall, but how? Well, when Jon died the last thing he felt was the cold. If his mind got into Ghost, then the Direwolf is out of the forge where Jon let him before going to speak with his brothers of the Night’s Watch. It would be a madness if Ghost try to protect the body of Jon, there are many men, so Bran looking what was happening through Mormont’s raven must had help Ghost to go out and be safe. But more than just that he will call Jon and command him to go the cave of The Tree Eyed Raven through the tunnels that Ygritte mentioned to him. Here I have two reasons, one is that he needs that Jon and him in the bodies of their Direwolves go to see what the Others are doing and find a way to defeat them or help the Free folk in Hardhome. The point will be that the Others will realize that Bran is a serious threat and they will attack the cave with all their power. Forcing to Bran, Meera and the Direwolves to escape with the famous “Hold the door”. They will use the tunnels the same way Ghost used, but arraving to the Nightfort close to the entrance of the Black Gate. Meanwhile in Black Castle Melisandre will corrupt the Night’s Watch and the Free folk motivated by the Pink Letter to burn Shireen in the Nightfort, leaving the body of Jon in the prison cells awaiting that he comes back as a Wight to better know how destroy them. Bran will come at the nick of time to stop Melisandre, but because she thinks that she can handle the power of the Wall. For that there must be a new Lord Commander, maybe Allister Thorne. The reason is that the Black Gate is loyal only to the black brothers, as the same way,the rest of the magic inside the Wall. That is why Melisandre wanted to win Jon’s trust. But not just Bran and Melisandre will be fighting for this power, also Euron in Oldtown alerted by the Horn of Winter will fight on the top of the Hightower. So Bran will have to decide between leave Shireen burn or avoid that Euron take the power of the Wall. And at the end he will choose to save her. This will have a terrible cost, the Wall will lose its magic barrier and Euron will be so powerful to face Daenerys. But as I say up, only a sacrifice where life wins can defeat the Long Night. Both of them will become Lightbrighter the definitive weapon to bring together humankind to fight against the Others. One last proof is that in the House of the Undying Daenerys saw “A blue flower grew in a chink of an ice wall, and filled the air with sweetness” Shireen means sweet, and House Florent use a fox with a field of blue flowers as blazon. That means that Shireen is a symbol of life here and the chink on the wall reference where does life comes, Bran crossing through the Black Gate. And then the Undying claim “mother of dragons, bride of fire” the three prophecies before this phrase are related with a bride and Daenerys. She saw “Her silver was trotting through the grass, to a darkling stream beneath a sea of stars” her wedding with Khal Drogo; “A corpse stood at the prow of a ship, eyes bright in his dead face, grey lips smiling sadly.” Falia Flowers who claims she will become salt wife of Euron and sister-like of Daenerys. And Shireen who has Targaryen blood and had been almost betrothed to Sweetrobin and Tommen.
  7. I have thought more about this since I published, I know that there is no indication that Brandon was no more than a hot headed and not a rapist, but the later assumptions that Rhaegar raped Lyanna make me question where this idea came. Maybe is a thing of bards cause if the Silent Sisters noticed the pregnancy of Lyanna they have a vow of silence, so no one beside those in the Tower of Joy could known something. This could sound heavy but maybe Brandon and Robert thought that the abduction of Lyanna was more about a kind of punishment against them more than Rhaegar falling in love with her. ADwD, The Kingbreaker If I had unhorsed Rhaegar and crowned Ashara queen of love and beauty, might she have looked to me instead of Stark? That tell us that Ashara still had a thing with a Stark the last day of the Tournament, which could be strange if we consider that Brandon did't take well that Rhaegar crowned Lyanna, even Robert seemed to take it more easily (Maybe he knew more about the Southern ambitions of his father and the rebellion’s plan of the Lords). I cannot remember well how the Meera’s tale end but I don’t remember that she have said what happen in the last day with all the tensions between Rhaegar, Robert, Starks; Aerys and the Laughing Tree Knight. Barristan remembers it as the moment when all the laughs died. So it could be nice form Martin to give Ned and Ashara a last moment with all that storm around them. But for me not match with his style. It could be that if Ashara was too loyal to Elia she confronted Lyanna and Brandon and Arthur get involved makingthe things worst, or something similar. We are not sure what happened, but I risk to say that the thing turned bitter and more with crazy Aerys in the place. But with all these things would be strange that Ned never make more reflections about the Tournament. I hope that Martin give us more information of what happened in Harrenhal.
  8. We have hints that VdI is possibly full of reunions and encounters between various characters and I wanted to know your opinion about one of which I could not find anything, Arya and Bran. The previous books show us nothing of the relationship between these two siblings beyond a snowball war against Sansa. And in their nostalgic moments they hardly ever mention each other, even though they do remember other members of their family. The detail is that beside Daenerys and Jon, these two are ones of the most magical characters in the saga, so it seems almost certain that their paths will cross. My most plausible theory is that they will not physically see each other again until SdP, but that both trying with different objectives to infiltrate into the Red Keep will get into Balerion's mind at the same time. I don't know if this could lead to a feeling of longing for both or if their goals will make them look each other like a rival or an obstacle, but I certainly sure that Bran will try to contact her again maybe with dreams or getting into some Braavos animal. What I not sure if Arya will take that well or not. Anyway, this is what I believe, what you think? I am very interested because I believe that they are two characters who are delving into magic to a level that surpasses their capabilities and for which it seems that they must abandon themselves. But it may be that both help each other to return to who they were or in a grim scenario end up facing each other in a war of deities and devotees.
  9. “I can't say who, but I can tell you that it involves a bit of a Luke Skywalker situation. It will all come to fruition eventually." Alfie Allen about GRRM over Jon’s parents. Although it is not canon, there is a great part of the fandom that states that Daenerys descends from the rulers of the Great Empire of the Dawn due to the similarity of their physical features and those kings of her visions in the House of the Undying. Well the violet eyes and all its variants seem to be a rather strange trait in Martin's world, but the gray eyes of the Starks are also unusual not only in the North and Westeros, but we also do not see that other people share this characteristic. We know that the father of the Empress Amethyst was the Emperor Opal, which is a stone whose colors vary a lot, but searching a little I found a variant of this stone that can only be found in the geysers of Yellowstone and its color can go from white to gray. Winterfell and the Starks? I don't know if Martin likes geology, but the fact that he lives in a place like Santa Fe tells me that it might be. And where am I going with all this you ask? If there were several emperors with different eyes, why were the survivors of these people only those with violet eyes? In fact, it would be strange to me if all this ancient people had eyes of that color or some other related to the predecessor emperors of the Empress Amethyst, generally the ruling classes look for traits that differentiate them from the common folk. What if the Valyrians and Dayne are descended solely from Empress Amethyst? But this only raises more questions for me. Who was her consort? Her brother the Bloodstone Emperor? It could be, but considering Martin's liking of writing about love affairs between siblings and bastards. I think there might be a possibility that Empress Amethyst had another brother, a bastard. And twins were born from them, and that's where the Targaryen and the Stark come from. Well if we really think, the places of origin of these two families are very inhospitable, it seems as if someone had wanted to hide these possible children from the Bloodstone Emperor. Brandon must have spent his life fighting against him, The Long Night, and at the end building fortresses for his possible return while the children were hidden for protection. Which is reminiscent of the story of Ned, Jon and Daenerys. What do you think?
  10. I have a theory of how this could happen. We know that Dunk and Egg plan to head to the North to serve Lord Beron Stark. And for some reason Martin seems to want a story before The She-Wolves of Winterfell in the Riverlands. Well we know that Dagon Greyjoy is looting the North and the Westerlands, but what about the Riverlands? What if our heroes decide to stop to help against a raid by the Ironborn? What houses are near the coast in the Riverlands? Well, Mallister and Blackwood. So what would happen if after Duncan proved his courage, Lord Blackwood entrusted him with the mission of protecting his relative Melantha Blackwood who is heading to the North to marry and secure an alliance against the Greyjoys. Well, this could be an interesting trip since it is assumed that Old Nan arrived in Winterfell at the time that William Stark lost his first wife Perhaps Lady Blackwood in commitment to her husband and stepson gave the services of young Old Nan to take care of to the kid. So, the whole journey from Raventree Hall to Winterfell, Duncan and young Old Nan will be together. But what if before leaving Blackwood’s domains Lord Blackwood goes with them? And what if a girl called Betha Blackwood, perhaps a daughter or niece, also goes. I think that if Egg always makes fun of Duncan's situations with women and since he does not want to know anything about girls, it would be funny that now he has to face a some kind so friendship-love with Betha.
  11. I was thinking about Robert's Rebellion and a thought came to me. What if Lady Ashara Dayne caused the deaths of Brandon and Rickard Stark and their companions? Let me explain, from Barristan we know that a Stark dishonored Ashara in the Harrenhal Tournament. It's just supposition but what if Brandon Stark abused Ashara. And when she found out about Lyanna and Rhaegar and saw Brandon show up at King's Landing she lied to King Aerys II or used Varys sought revenge for Brandon's affront. Telling to the king that those rumors of rebellion were true that she had hear the northern men conspiring against him. So in the same way Ned killed her brother, Arthur, she would have killed Ned’s brother. What do you think of this crazy thought?
  12. A1 Hallis Mollen under the orders of Howard Reed, Maege Mormont, Galbart Glover. They take Winterfell after Bolton forces leave. B1 C1 Yes, but they meet Sansa, Littlefinger, Brynden Tully and Vale’s army in White Harbor D3 Dead, bring back with Bran’s help E2 They are plotting against Targaryen F Hears but not meets G1 H1 Dorne, Reach and Stormlands join him I1 K1 L2 M2 Her new marriage free her from Lannister kinship and give her the strongest army in the North. Then is crowned Queen in the North. N2
  13. I read again Melisandre's POV chapter, and I think you are right about Selyse killing Shireen. First, Melisandre has a great interest in Jon Snow, and although many have suggested that is because she thinks now that Jon is Azor Ahai. I think is because she needs him for use the power that she claims is in the Wall. We see in the chapter when Bran passed behind the Wall that it has will and just allow to pass those who it wants, and it is loyal to the Night's Watch. I think Melisandre has realize that she is not allowed to use the power of the Wall. That it is why she needs to gain his confidence, to convince him to allow her to use this power. Second, Melisandre has made a brainwashing in Selyse and her men about King's blood and free folk is afraid of Shireen condition, as we see in Val's thought. So when the others start the attack, I think that the desesperation will drive them to try to burn Shireen, even if it is not what Melisandre wants. But I keep that Bran will come in time to stop it, and then help Jon Snow to come back to life.
  14. I don’t think he will resurrect him by a kind of magic, as Three Raven Eyed did with Bran, called him to come back from whatever GRRM has created as between death and live world, Bran is either capable to go to this world as a “guide”. I believe that Jon is alive is Ghost body, and although Melisandre has shown to has a certain relation with Ghost that even Jon didn’t understand, only Bran has capable to recognize a Skinchager in his/her beast body, when he saw Varamyr in One Eye body while he was inside Summer. Also deaths are meaningful to GRRM and even if Shireen is a minor character I don’t see her dying to just to “coincidence” Jon coming back to life at the moment and Melisandre taking the credit.
  15. It’s not a theory, it´s just what I think will happen in TWOW. Bran will come to the south of the Wall during the main attack of the others, which is close since what we get from what it´s happening in Hardhome. I think now he has more control over his powers and has seen what it´s happening in all Westeros, first he will go to the Wall using the tunnels that Ygritte mentioned to Jon, here he will have to confront Melisandre, who thinks Bran serve to the Great Other and maybe is planning to burn Shireen to bring Jon back to life, but we have seen that those who R’hllor bring back are not alive at all (Beric Dondarrion and Catelyn Tully) only Bran has come back from death, the prove its all the bones he saw in his dreams and the Tree-Eyed Raven told him that all of them have failed. I don’t know how but he will defeat Melisandre and win the support of the free folk and the Night Watch and he will bring back Jon to command the battle. In the meanwhile and as he can't fight I think he will start a relation with Shireen maybe at first just as friends, cause I don’t see Meera Reed getting to the end of TWOW, maybe this hurt will be the point where Bran and Shireen begin their relationship, and since both are “broken” to society that will join them more.
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