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  1. Reminds me of when Marco Polo was panned for not being "Game of Thrones."
  2. You make some fair points. And you're right that it doesn't matter how or when they announce a new game so long as it comes out eventually. Even so, I do want Nintendo to succeed and I feel that there needs to be more driving the marketing, even if there isn't much to show. As it stands, Nintendo only gives updates at the last minute, like a month before a game comes out.
  3. I wish I could've gotten into Westworld when I watched the first three episodes. I just couldn't. It's not for me. The extreme violence and nihilism is off-putting to me. It's interesting, but it's not really something I like. I'm sure it's good for other people, just not for me.
  4. I mean, Renly was a pedophile that played a lot of people around him. He had no claim to the throne and would've established a precedent if he had become king and soon after everyone would've been declaring themselves king eventually without any legal standing. GRRM has clearly called Stannis a "righteous" man.
  5. Thanks! But is there anything a bit more... fantastical? Something that uses made-up elements that aren't derived from any sense of "realism?" I hope I'm able to explain myself.... I'm also looking for shows that came out in the last five years or are running now. More shows like The Mandalorian, for example.
  6. I need a good show out there, either from outside the United States or from the United States (so it can be Russian, Chinese, Iranian, what have you). I just can't find a good show that isn't set in the modern world or is a drama or something. I need something much more adventurous, you know? Something like Game of Thrones (though not with the same bad quality that it had since season 3). I need something that's a different genre than most TV shows or streaming serials out there. Could be fantasy, scifi, horror, etc. but I just need something that isn't, say, a crime drama or cop serial.
  7. I still feel like Nintendo should be able to give us a steady stream of information like Sony and Microsoft given that they are supposed to be quite well-to-do in terms of finances and resources. But I'm not interested in pursuing this topic for now. As for the Mario rumors? I think that there's something to them but then again Nintendo has passed through anniversaries before that seemed like they were set to reveal something regarding that certain anniversary's franchise... only for them to give us nothing. But yes, I agree with your last part.
  8. Very interesting. I have a feeling that I may know where this story is headed, but I like the mystery that they're putting here with this one. Mostly though, I just want more TV shows or streaming serials that aren't "dramas" or necessarily set in the "modern-day" (unless it has a good twist to it). Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Well, according to the people at ResetEra, where news often leaks and where there are genuine representatives of the gaming industry over there, there should be a Mario "All-Stars" collection of some sort (or by whatever name it'll be under) coming our way, though whether it'll come this year is another question entirely. I must say, it's still pretty annoying having to deal with this "information blackout" from Nintendo, or at least, this near-blackout in terms of information. This is the first Direct that they've done so far since the one back in March and we haven't had much news since then until now. I wish Nintendo would be able to give us more when it comes to info because, quite honestly, while Microsoft and Sony have to both be equally affected by Covid-19, both of them are still giving us a steady stream of information.
  10. It's not really the same thing. Stannis had an obligation as military commander to beat Renly by what was given to him. I don't blame him for turning to what needed to be done at the time, especially if we're going by his vantage point. Also, he wasn't trading sex for money. And prostitution, I think, is immoral, at least as practiced in a feudalistic setting like Westeros.
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