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  1. I don’t think he’s doing anything. We know from various accounts that the crannogmen aren’t good fighters outside of their swamps. They are or were fighting against the iron born. But realistically they aren’t warriors in the normal sense so they would be useless in a fight for example on Stannis’s side against the Boltons. I don’t think we will ever meet Howland he knows far too much (regarding Jon and the ToJ). Him meeting Mormont and Glover is unknown really we know they were sent there by Robb but we have no idea if they arrived. I doubt he is connected to the Three Eyed Crow Jojen seemed to have more “power” than Howland.
  2. Fair point. I find it galling that GRRM criticises Tolkien’s work when there are so many questions yet to be answered and the books aren’t finished. The arrogance of criticising someone’s work when your own isn’t finished is breathtaking. The difference is we know how the orcs were made, we know they have dreams, we know they have orc children, we know their motivation, they follow Sauron because of fear and their desire for revenge. All of this was explained by Tolkien in a subtle but straightforward way. There is the wider issue of GRRM and the fan base, some are annoyed about the decade fans have waited, others say we have no right to demand someone’s work. But that is a whole different topic.
  3. I think it’s arrogant for GRRM to criticise LoTR for having “generic bad guys”. Given how the “bad guys” are brought about and are led by a god gone bad then essentially a demon. GRRM bad guys are still a mystery 5 books in.
  4. Excellent thread, really well referenced and backed up with different quotes, loved it
  5. Does beg the question where has Euron been if he is lying about his wild wife adventures. He’s amassed a lot of wealth if he lying about being to so many places.
  6. Great thread. I think coldhands definitely put the cache by the fist of the first men, and he is being controlled or works for Bloodraven. I don’t think he can be Benjen based purely on the line from Leaf which is something along the lines of “he died long ago” for someone like Leaf who is hundreds of years old “long ago” wouldn’t be a few years. The horn that was burned fascinates me too but I think it’s some giant chiefs horn that might have a story but isn’t that important. I agree Ghost does act as a tool of the old gods all the dire wolves did and do. I don’t think the horn Sam has can be used unless it can be fixed through magic.
  7. Ohhh, I hadn’t thought of it like that, it makes sense that Stannis would expect to have Roberts seven and wouldn’t need his own, in direct parallel to Renly who wanted his own. Thank you for your reply
  8. Has to be either the north or the vale. If her army invade the north they would have to land via ship somewhere or try to attack via moat calin. The vale the army would have to land in gull town and try assault the bloody gate which would very difficult. Dorne has good natural defences like the mountains / terrain and the heat.
  9. Hi everyone, first time posting on here so forgive me if this has been covered whycreate on YouTube recently published a video about why Stannis the Mannis doesn’t have a kingsguard. I can’t recall him ever even mentioning it. Anyone have any ideas on this
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