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  1. Laughable The noble "Old bloods of Volantis" are the descendent of solders and guards who where the throw away of young Valyria when they set Volantis up as a trading post on the mouth of the river. Im sure they are proud though as they rejected marrying one of the precious daughters to the beautiful Rhaegar when Mad Ares tired to marry him off to the old blood. But even fools can be proud. The old blood are the epitome of the 1% who cant see beyond there greatness so the sit back and bask in there in history and wealth while in realty sinking into nothing. Valyria was great because they conquered and achieved a level of technological and civilizational greatness no other empires could match. While the old blood has done what? Dani is the new Valyria, she brought magic and dragons back to the world.
  2. Grate point, it will come down to the reach and the vail. Little finger is already playing politics with the Vales bountiful harvest and food reserves. So i think it will come down to the reach, they are the bread basket of the realm. I also think it wont come down to money. House tyrell has alot to lose do to there alliance with the hated Lannister's. A queen Dani or King Agon might take these vast reserves of food as indemnity for there past betrayals. As for how many this may help, well lets think about the harshness of asiof. This is cruel world and while some might get by this cruel long winter that's already hitting Westeros, many wont survive, no matter how much the good guys try.
  3. I think its more complicated then that. The Braavosi are smart and politically shrewed, first they would consider how to best regain there money. Second they can research enough into Dani to see that she would have no interest in conquering or even attempting to attacking Bravos. Its not like they haven't had any interaction with House targaryen in the past. Plus the Sealord of Bravos was a witness to the marriage contract that was originally signed between Dorne and on behalf of house targaryen by Sir William Dary. Lets not put them out of consideration. If anything they might simply aid her through loans and ships.
  4. Throughout most of DwD and towards its end we see how the Volantenes celebrate at the expected down fall of the “Silver queen in the East”. Volantis, who prides itself as being the first daughter of Valyria, is surprisingly egger to see the downfall of the last true daughter of Valyria due to her disrupter to delicate global market that’s tied to slavery. If any of the released chapters in Selmy, and Tyrians POV say anything about the Volanten fleet heading for slavers bay. Its that they will likely lose at the hand of Victorian Greyjoy and the rest of Dani’s allies. I make the case that whenever Dani marches west, she will likely need to stop in Volantis. For the transgressions of this city and its continued instance on the evil institution known as slavery, Dani should sack Volantis. She should burn down the old city as Valeria once did to the Rhynor, service fire and steel the old blood that refuse to bend the knee, and finally take all her wealth and power to aid in her Westerosi campaign. If this proves to difficult of a task due to time, troops and other pre cautions, she should at least end slavery, gain the wealth of the old blood behind the Black walls and take Volantis ship to transport her Dothraki khalasar she means to take west. Obviously taking Volantis won’t be an easy thing like that of the Astapor, Yunkai and Marine, even with full grown dragons. The Triarchs of Volantis rule the live of million from there city to the towns of Volon Therys, Sar Mell and others up river. They can pull together a strong host from these large populations and give battle on multiple fronts. There is also the high walls and wealth of the older city of Volantis. The old blood can hire more sells word companies, use the mighty fleets of Volantis to attack Dani before she lands her hosts. But all these could be Matched with her dragons alone. Dani can also formant a huge slave uprising before she even gets there as she did with Merine. Like the other free cities, the slave population of Volantis outnumbers the freeborn and nobility 5/1. This doesn’t even speak of the Red priestess of Valor who are already preaching to the thousands about Asor Ahi and the doom that could befall Volantis if they don’t aid Dani instead of fighting her. Besides these, there exists powerful but discontent players within Volantis itself that would welcome a new ruler like Dani, least of all the widow of the water front aka “Vogarros Whore”. All her influence and connections could have the gates of the city open when Dani’s armies are the door. Even with the downsides and cost of such a thing, there is so much Dany could gain from such a conquest that this almost seems like a no brainer. For starters, what a better way to Flex your might before ever getting to Westeros. Such a feet would also be a stern warning to the other free cities of her wrath if they choose to oppose her or help her enemies. This could also convince them to free their slaves before she even arrives, catching the attention and further assistance of the mighty city of Bravos. The only other major power in the world that’s as dedicated to the eradication of slavery as Dani is. The wealth of the Iron banks and the Vast fleet of the Sealord could go along way in fighting both the Lannister’s and Tyrells. I do believe the Iron bank errored in aiding Stannis instead of Dani in their hopes of regaining the money Robert spent as Dany is much more likely to take the Iron throne then Stannis. So what do yall think? I think it’s something Dani should and will probably do as Martin has hinted at. Obviously its no easy thing, but our Dragon queen has never had it easy.
  5. While we wait for WoW and wait even longer for a Dream of Spring there is alot we can take away from Targaryen history to help us make sense of the ending previewed by GOT season 8. Of course George will make more sense of how Bran will become king in the end, in the mean time I want to use Targaryen history and some of the show to make sense of how Bran will rule. First the current time period in Westeros outside of the white walker threat mirrors the post dance of the dragons period. AS many of you know this was the bloody Targaryen civil war between Renera Targaryen and her half brother Agon the 2nd for the iron throne that left both Calment's and most of dragons dead, even worse it left Westeros in in bloody disarray. Out of this came Agon the third, the first of two sons of Renera by her Husband and consort Prince Daemon. This poor boy watched his mother feed to a dragon and most of his brothers died during the war. He was crowned at 12 and was expected to rule a fractured bloody kingdom divided after a terrible war. Sadly everything he saw in his childhood from his mothers death, to all the other killings poisoned his rain, he was a good person but his depression made him cold towards everyone but his brother and this led to what most masters called a broken reign. Most notable, history remember him for the most part as Agon the Dragon bane, because the last of the dragons died under his rule and even though he hated them, even he understood how much this hurt house Targaryen. Close to 150 years later, bran will take up a throne is a circumstance that closely follows this. The war of the five kings has left Westeros in similar disarray, the river land and the north will starve, Highgarden and Castrly rock will squabble while more claimants (Stannis, Vagon, Denarius) further play the game of thrones and iron men will continue to take advantage of the chaos. Let assume that by the end of Dreams of spring most of these issues are resolved, the white walkers, the game of thrones, the iron born etc. Bran is carried up those long steps to the throne by Hodor to site among those barbs of blades to rule a kingdom that doesn't include the north. I think he will rule as Agon the broken because he will have gone through almost as much trauma as that ruler did. By this point Bran has had his father, mother and oldest brother murdered. His family is scattered and everyone whos supported them killed in a number of wars. At almost the same age as Agon, Bran lost his legs to a grewsome injury and is expected to go through a number of challenges to be the next 3 eyed raven. Of course all this will make him wise, but he will most likly be a very sad and serious young man unable to have joy in life. If brans actor in GOT is any indicator, he will probably be as close to a robot with little emotions and opportunity for joy in life. He will rule, but he wont like it, he will leave the details to his council and spend days by himself searching the past or thinking of what could have been. There will be no tourneys in his rain, no masked balls no glory for knights in wars of conquest, just a kingdom recovering from a couple of bloody wars a loooong winter following a ten year summer. The small folk wont know there king or look up to him as he will be a cripple which the ignorant will dispis him while they starve from the lack of food. Anther aspect similar to Agon will be a crisis of regents or over reaching lords who will want power and royal favor. If the North will indeed be its own kingdom like the show, Im sure Bran will have a hard time appeasing the more powerful lord of the realm to stay loyal to the crown forcing the iron throne to give favors and honors to one after the other. In Agon's day this was a problem with his regency and the divided rule among a counsel of his regents. In brans day I think little finger will play a big part, if he is not dead by the end of WoW. What do yall think? I base most of my comparison on what we known from the end of Fire and blood and the small chapter we get in World of Ice and Fire. Im sure we will have a much better picture when the second Fire and Blood book comes out( Probably way after ASOIAF if finished).
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