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  1. When we hear the name "A song of Ice and Fire", the first thing that comes to mind are the Valyria dragons and the ice of the others, or we think of Jon and Dany or Jon and Sansa, and George wants his fans to think that, to hit us again as he did so many times before. There's actually a trick in this title, When we think of the first part of the song, "Ice," our mind takes a journey north, toward the wall and beyond from the lands of always winter, which is ice and cold, and when we look at the second part, "Fire," we head straight for Valyria, its dragons, fire-worms and whatever things are in its smoky sea. Let's all agree on one thing: George is not fool or stupid to write his story around two characters, Jon and Dany or Jon and Sansa. So please get that out of your mind; there is no way George could risk something like that, which it would destroy the story. Ice Song is clear to everyone and it's the others, the mined part is the song of fire. George wants us to think it's about Valyria and its dragons, but there are some old tales that say dragons are not from Valyria. It tells us that the dragons came from the Shadow lands beyond Ashai, and in Ashai itself it is noted in some texts that people from ancient times lived there. But without mentions of their name, their appearance, and descriptions, they brought the dragons to Valyria, and they taught the Valyrians the art of taming them before they disappeared forever. In a way, if we focus on the part of the uncharacterization of them in the history books, it makes not sense, and George deliberately dismissed them out of desire not to spoil, and maybe these people still play a part in the main series as the others do. Each time Melisandre speaks of the long night or of the Azor Ahai, she recalls two gods, the nameless "the Great Other" and "Lord of Light" R’hllor. The real mystery wraps around R’hllor more than the Great Other. The war between two gods, or, one might say, two devils. Ice demon and fire demon. In the first book, A Game of Thrones, Jorah tells Dany: "They say that in the Shadow Land beyond Ashai there are longer oceans of ghosty grass than a man on a horse, with white leaves as milk. That grass kills the rest of the grass and glow in darkness with the spirits of the damned, and the Dothraki believe that the ghost grass will one day spread over the whole world so that all life will end." Maybe George wanted by this dialogue to give us a hint of what is coming from the Shadow Land beyond Ashai, and what is coming from beyond the Wall at Westeros and the five forts at Essos. From Westeros and Essos will set off the ice demons journey of the long night, and from the Shadow Land will set off the fire demons journey, uniting the chords of "A song of Ice and Fire."
  2. Maybe this theory is strange and funny as well. Do you remember what happened to the women from the White Walkers that the 13th lord commander of the Night's Watch, the Night King loved her. She's maybe a daughter of the Great other who wants to revenge for her.
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