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  1. And there is another Cat connection with direwolves... Nymeria is the one who pulled her dead body out of the river and leaves her body when Harwin, Lem, Beric and thoros arrive, leading to her rebirth as Lady Stoneheart.
  2. I forgot about the letter to his wife. Good addition!
  3. Something more similar to what Bran/Summer did to help Jon at the queenscrown?
  4. Someone should tell Cersei that they are family, she's treated Sansa awfully. Oh wait, that's kind of typical for how she treats family!
  5. Like some in the fandom, I have a secret place in my heart for Lord-Too-Fat-to-Sit a Horse -- outwitting the Freys by not killing Davos, the Frey Pies, sending for Rickon and, most importantly, his speech to Davos showing his loyalty to the North and to the Starks. Also, shout out to his rampant roasting of the Frey's at Winterfell during fake Arya's wedding ceremonies. As Frey and Manderly troops are riding out to fight Stannis at the Crofter's Village, there is some worry that Stannis will not know of Manderly's true allegiance (to Stark and, by his commitment to Davos, to King Stannis as long as Davos retrieves his liege lord Rickon). Clearly, at the start of TWOW, Stannis will still be unaware that Manderly is not sided with the Bolton's: In the middle of the fight, or possibly after, how will Stannis know or be convinced that Manderly's men are to be trusted? Obviously, if as many believe Manderly's men hang back at the beginning on the fight or even turn on the Frey men (or attack from the rear as the Frey troops are attempting to flee), that may go a long way to convincing Stannis of their allegiance. However, one other key factor -- Davos' new ability to read and write -- may be integral to convincing Stannis that the Manderly forces can be trusted. Davos' decision to learn to read and write was integral to the story line before, when he read the letter from the Wall and communicated it to Stannis, thereby chancing the entire trajectory of Stannis's kingship. Perhaps GRRM will use this plot information that Davos is now literate again -- a letter from Davos, in his own hand and possibly sealed with the Hand of the King seal, will tell Stannis of Manderly's actions, enabling Stannis to fully trust the Manderly's and, potentially through Manderly, other Northern lords as well. When Davos first met with Manderly, he has with him a ribbon bearing three the seals, the Stag of Baratheon, a Flaming Heart and a Hand. It is not clear whether the ribbon is only a wax seal with the imprints or the seal itself (the stamp used to make the seal). However, given that Davos is the Hand of the King and may need to communicate with Stannis about his progress, it is possible that Davos has at least the Hand stamp with him. I was not able to find evidence that Stannis had ever seen Davos's handwriting, but perhaps a better detective-reader will find some. Lord Manderly may be too fat to sit a horse, but he does seem to be a fairly adept player of the game of politics -- he was able to get his son back from the Lannisters', keeping Davos secretly as hostage until the son was back. He was able to trick the Frey's and the Lannister's about Davos's supposed death. I feel that he would know that a letter from Davos, in his hand and signed with is seal, would be needed to convince Stannis that (1) he hadn't killed his Hand and (2) he was willing to side with Stannis against the Bolton's and the Lannisters. Knowing the poop is about to hit the fan, both at Winterfell and the Crofter Village, I could envision thinking "Ok, need to make sure I can get this letter into Stannis's hands, I'm sending it with Manderly troops with instructions to turn on the Frey's if the circumstances present it and use the letter to prove to Stannis of our allegiance. What do you all think?
  6. Blame for lady’s death def on Joff and Cersei and Robert’s weakness but lady’s death was in place of her sister Nymeria which may create an additional bond between the two girls.
  7. Agree Sansa is still stark in her core. But she has been alone so long and under the sphere of Lannisters and the Littlefinger so long — like so many characters in asoiaf Sansa has had to appear on the outside to take on a diff character to survive. But would be a nice legacy to Ned and his speech to Arya if Nymeria/Arya were to lend her a hand, similar to when Summer/Bran stepped in to help Jon nears Queenscrown.
  8. OP here. I don’t think I’m meant or implied sharing like suddenly Sansa wargs Nymeria. Rather that Nymeria might protect Sansa or in some way remind Sansa of her “starkness”. What I wrote was: “I’m not suggesting that Nymeria will be fully shared by Sansa and Arya or even that Sansa will warg into Nymeria, but merely that Nymeria, who has already shown herself willing and able to save another Stark family member, might serve as the link that helps Sansa reconnect with her Stark roots”
  9. Yes I also think Sansa will end up taking a ship ultimately. And I definitely didn’t mean and sort of 50/50 sharing of Nymeria but perhaps one moment where Sansa needs an emotional push to help her have the Stark strength. Maybe even just in a dream.
  10. I agree it will be more of like a momentary help, maybe sort of a trigger to give Sansa strength to get back on the Stark path. I also agree she will be useful, certainly she has a lot of information and knowledge re LFs plots that I hope get out.
  11. The surviving Stark children have all struggled to maintain their Stark identity -- Jon sheds family loyalty to become a brother of the Black Watch and it’s Lord Commander, Bran becomes a greenseer, Arya is forced to become everyone (except a Stark) and no one, Sansa must hide her Stark loyalty to survive Cersei and Joffrey in King’s Landing and become Alysane in the Vale, and Rickon has no connection to the Starks off in Skaagos. This may be changing as we head into TWOW, as there are strong hints some or all of the Starks might be converging on the North and even perhaps Winterfell. However, during their journeys, the Stark’s direwolves keep them grounded, even if only in their wolf dreams. Not only does it keep their connection to the Stark family and to Winterfell, the direwolves keep the connection amongst themselves as the wolves see each other through their dreams. Not so Sansa, whose direwolf has been killed. Many have been concerned that Sansa, without Lady, has struggled harder to keep her Stark connection and is more susceptible to Littlefinger’s machinations -- without a living direwolf, might her connection to the Stark core be weaker or more difficult to maintain? This quote from Ned’s speech to Arya makes me wonder whether there is hope for Sansa. “Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths.” (GOT) This oft quoted speech is usually referenced for the phrase “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” I am interested in the last part . “We must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths.” I believe that this might foreshadow that, as winter arrives, Nymeria might serve as a direwolf touchstone for Sansa as well as Arya. In other words, “when snow falls and the white winds blow,” Arya (and Nymeria) will take her father’s words to heart and “share [her] strength” -- her direwolf connection. Clearly, there would be some justice in Arya “sharing” Nymeria with Sansa -- Lady was punished and killed in place of Nymeria and for Nymeria’s “crime” of biting Prince Joffrey. It is precisely because of Nymeria that Sansa is without direwolf protection, why her connection to the Stark legacy is weaker. There would be a great deal of pathos if Ned’s word came to fruition with Arya “sharing” Nymeria with Sansa, or more probably Nymeria sharing herself, as I believe it might be a naturally flowing occurrence rather than Arya actively doing something to “share.” I’m not suggesting that Nymeria will be fully shared by Sansa and Arya or even that Sansa will warg into Nymeria, but merely that Nymeria, who has already shown herself willing and able to save another Stark family member, might serve as the link that helps Sansa reconnect with her Stark roots beyond snow castle building and Sansa/Alyane’s love of lemoncakes. I’m not going to lie, now that Sansa is no longer in the Eyrie and is getting closer to the Riverlands and ultimately heads toward Winterfell, I’m fantasizing a scene where Nymeria wanders into camp and seats herself regally at at Sansa’s side as Littlefinger looks on in horror. Calmly, coldly, Sansa looks Littlefinger right in the eyes, gives Nymeria the nod, and looks on as Nymeria tears Littlefinger’s throat out.
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