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  1. After the death of his older brother, King Robert Baratheon I, Renly Baratheon declared himself king over all Westeros, going so far as to crown himself at Highgarden, the seat of House Tyrell. And knowing how Renly is, he thought it would be sweet to form his own order of elite knights, known as the Rainbow guard. But the only two of this order that could be considered elite was really Ser Loras Tyrell and Brienne of Tarth...might also say Ser Robar Royce is decent. But lets be real, Lord Bryce Caron, Ser Guyard Morrigen (love that name), Ser Emmon Cuy, and Ser Parman Crane are knights with no feats. Only thing we have on Ser Guyard Morrigen was that he was a famous southron knight. After Renly's death, the Rainbow guard goes to shit. 1. Ser Emmon Cuy and Ser Robar Royce are both killed by an enraged Loras Tyrell. 2. Ser Parman Crane is imprisoned at Highgarden to this very day, after stannis sent him and Ser Eren Florent to rally the rest of Renly's foot soldiers left at bitterbridge. 3. Ser Guyard Morrigen was always hot headed in the few scenes we had him in and was even bold enough to wanna face off against Ser Cortnay Penrose in single combat. But he got bodied by Ser Garlan Tyrell, who he probably thought was Renly come again. 4. Lord Bryce Caron gets destroyed in single combat by a one-eyed knight by the name of Ser Phillip Foote. 5. And Brienne is all the way fucked up just chasing after Sansa, knowing she'll never find her. Faced chewed up and her ribs broken 6. Ser Loras Tyrell is said to be on dragonstone dying of wounds he received whilst storming the castle. The most grevious being the pot of oil dumped on him. All in all, The Rainbow guard was ass. But i still loved Ser Bryce Caron and Ser Guyard Morrigen, they were my favorites .
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