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  1. Nothing better than discovering an entire new trove of ASOIAF essays.
  2. -The Horn of Winter is a legendary item that Joramun allegedly used to “wake giants from the earth” -A Clash of Kings sets the Horn up as an ancient tool used in an unsuccessful attempt at invading the Wall. “Wildlings have invaded the realm before." … "Aye, and long before them came the Horned Lord and the brother kings Gendel and Gorne, and in ancient days Joramun, who blew the Horn of Winter and woke giants from the earth. Each man of them broke his strength on the Wall, or was broken by the power of Winterfell on the far side -Ygritte claims this was what Mance was looking for, saying in one of the most intriguing passages in the series that “We opened half a hundred graves and let all those shades loose in the world, and never found the Horn of Joramun to bring this cold thing down!" -Mance says that the “songs” tell him that if he sounds the Horn, the Wall will fall. -A horn is used in a bluff by Mance, then burned along with Rattleshirt. Tormund claims this is not the Horn of Winter, but that they did find it in a giant’s tomb. -As late in the printed series as Jon XII of A Dance with Dragons, we are asked directly “If Mance's horn was just a feint, where is the true horn?” -Jon finds an “old” horn near the Fist of the First Men -The horn is wrapped in a Night’s Watch cloak -Jon observes the cloak could “not have been long in the ground” -The cloak is also full of dragonglass arrowheads and hiltless dagger -The horn is made from an aurochs, banded in bronze, and is cracked -The horn is full of dirt -The horn makes no sound. Jon has tried. The horn is given to Sam. Sam takes it with him when he flees the Fist. Then he found his pack and stuffed all his things inside, spare smallclothes and dry socks, the dragonglass arrowheads and spearhead Jon had given him and the old horn too. The Horn goes to Braavos His swordbelt hung from a peg on the wall, beside the old cracked horn that Jon had given him. Then takes the Cinnamon Wind after Sam refuses to give it up Sam was down to his boots and blacks and smallclothes, and the broken horn Jon Snow had found on the Fist of First Men That is the last time the horn is mentioned, and it is not clearly with Sam when he disembarks Whether or not the Cinnamon Wind will remain in port for long is an open question. He felt a shabby thing beside them in his baggy blacks, faded cloak, and salt-stained boots. "How long will you remain in port?" "Two days, ten days, who can say? However long it takes to empty our holds and fill them again." Kojja grinned. The Thenns carry bronze-banded horns Sam is from Horn Hill NW vows mention “horn that wakes the sleeper” Tormund has “Horn-Blower” among his titles, as well as the antithetical “Giantsbane” I really don’t know what conclusions to draw from this. The horn Jon finds is clearly telegraphed to be Joramun’s, and readers have pointed out that GRRM takes care to keep the horn with Sam. I’ve seen speculation that Euron is intended to get his hands on the horn to spur his coming sacrifice, and I can see this being the case if the Cinnamon Wind leaves port before Sam returns, as I’ve always feared it will. I’m also interested in what exactly Mance expects the Horn to do; the reader is told that it “wakes giants from the earth”, and Joramun’s use of it to attack the Wall does make a connection between the Horn and the destruction of the Wall, but not explicitly. What songs tell Mance the Horn will do this? Here are some questions I have: Who is intended to blow the Horn? I essentially see the candidates as either Sam or Euron. Tormund’s association to it seems thoroughly explained by the fake Horn, but speaking of which- What’s up with the fake Horn? It’s gigantic and elaborate, and found in a giant’s tomb. It seems irrelevant now that it’s burned, but what was it? And what’s with the other horns? Euron has the dragon-tamer horn, and there’s a reference to a horn that wakes “creatures from the deep” or something similar. Are they related? What will it actually do? Will it produce giants that could be asked to destroy the Wall? Will the Wall literally crumble? Does it imbue some kind of power? Who put it there? Why? Coldhands (and by extension Bloodraven)? Benjen? Craster? If Bloodraven ends up being anti-Other, the first seems most likely, as the cache of dragonglass would be a hugely valuable weapon and the Horn a critical item in defending the Wall, at the least to keep it from detection. However, the Night’s Watch cloak that Jon basically describes as new puzzles me and seems to point to Benjen. I suppose it could have been looted from a dead brother. I firmly believe Coldhands =\= Benjen, but there may be a reveal coming as far as he is concerned. Further muddying the timeline: why is the Horn full of dirt? Not snow, but dirt. Why does the Horn not work? How can it work? Is the problem the crack? Does it only work in certain circumstances? Can it only be blown by certain people? How can it be fixed, and who will fix it? And perhaps most interesting to me… Why would anyone blow it? The wildlings are now largely integrated, and they are the only group of humans that would benefit (or even not be horrified by) the collapse of the Wall. Only the Others would benefit, and they would benefit greatly. Euron could be an answer, but the case has to be made that he is either supporting the Others or some sort of chaotic force that would end the world for fun. Sam seems foreshadowed, but why would he ever do that? Can the Horn be used in another way? An Other-defeating capacity? This could loop Sam into the eventual Battle for the Dawn. Here is my tentative explanation. Basically a guess, as this has taken up more of my thoughts then some of the series more explicit mysteries and I still have no answer. I believe that it’s possible the Horn was left for the Night’s Watch to find. However, the point seems to be less that the Watch has it and more that it is hidden. It is less that the Horn is required for something or was planted by someone and more that it is critical that the Others not have it. On purpose or not, the Horn has been successfully moved practically as far from the Wall as possible in the given time. I submit that Bloodraven, through Coldhands, left the bundle at the Fist. The main reason I believe this is Ghost’s involvement in the find. Jon sees the cache when Ghost is digging at something. So, in fact, Ghost finds the cache. Ghost seems to stand in for the old gods in many instances, but Melisandre proves the animal can be influenced by strong magic. We happen to have the strongest magician in canon just a few hundred miles north. Please give me input, I love this series. George please
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