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  1. I am a definite downgrade to Worldcon only. I've booked my flight back to India for the Thursday after worldcon.
  2. Targh

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    I intend to be there, but we'll see how plans go.
  3. God pebble anyone would think you work there or something
  4. I've been giving away Westvleteren 12 because I haven't had time to drink it
  5. Wolfgang started the thread so is responsible for the attendance list. I have a full membership and will be there barring calamity.
  6. Targh

    The Lodestar Award

    Proud to have been part of the voting, but also we were just a number attached to the end of a monumental amount of effort on the part of many people. Grats to all involved.
  7. Targh

    Board Issues 4

  8. Targh

    Board Issues 4

    I have an issue with a current ad on the site - a betting one (no idea if the adverts are supposed to be smart, but I keep getting gambling and smoking ones - I do neither). A William Hill one keeps opening up the AppStore in my ipad and rendering the forum nearly unusable.