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  1. Also masturbating. RT @Vegrandis You know what's more productive than praying to god? People helping other people.

  2. Here is my video that is ostensibly about lean manufacturing:

  3. Buttonmasher Podcast #126, wherein we talk about video games, and I get angry about something. http://bit.ly/iUBzBH

  4. Yes, but it has a bad interface and doesn't always play the right song. @loose_unit Does anyone else have a jukebox in their head?

  5. It would be if it were a problem, rather than a mere criticism. RT @turbo16vdohc #firstworldproblems?

  6. Going to do some paintball for the boss's birthday. Work is rough eh.

  7. Locked my keys in my car. What a brilliant start to the day. Got my coffee though, so that's ok then.

  8. Highlight of #gameofthrones ep3 has to be @mratlantis as Syrio. Fantastic work, Miltos. Aidan Gillen was also great.

  9. RT @turbo16vdohc When the annals of time are written let it be known that Gar loved GoT enough for weekly 300km round trips

  10. Mean, the latest DNF trailer has boobies. Also explosions.

  11. Installing Borderlands as we speak. Close all other programs my arse.

  12. Buttonmasher Podcast #124: we discuss Portal 2, Wii2, the PSN debacle and also other stuff. http://bit.ly/kK03qa

  13. A Dance with Dragons is finally finished. #asoiaf #FUCKYEAH

  14. Finally got around to clocking Portal. Next on the list: Portal 2. 10gb DL though :S

  15. Episode 2 of #GameofThrones rocked my fucking socks. "He ran... but not very fast."