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    Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Brightleaf Sigil: A black poppy with thorns on its stem, upon a green field. Motto: All Words Mean Death Unofficial Motto: Your mind is not your own Location: Along the Mander, between Highgarden and Cider Hall. A rather large estate, with vast fields and many peasants, but no taxed villages or the like. House Sword Cat o' Ninetails: Slip o' the Tongue. Supposedly made of tanned dragon hide, most suspect that those dragons are of the "swampy" variety (read: crocodiles). What's not in doubt are the five blades tied into the ends of this scourge, fragments of the Valyrian blades of five fallen houses. Additional Info: Brightleaf is a small house; small enough that their liege has been known to forget to send out tax collectors. That's exactly the way they like it. This house, descended from the first men, survives by subtlety. They serve their liege as assassins, spies, and most crucially of all, interrogators. Their fields produce no food nor wine, but instead grow various plants with narcotic and psychogenic uses. The Brightleaf train from an early age in the application and refinement of these drugs, so they can keep a man lucid enough to remember the truth, while making him loose enough to reveal it. A little-known fact, the Brightleaf do not only provide these services to their lords; if any force appears to have a chance of succeeding in battle against their liege, the Brightleaf are more than willing to switch sides. However, the Brightleaves have no ambition of their own, and would never betray their lord for their own advancement.