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  1. I'm back... And crazier than ever!

  2. Happy Paddy's day Bitches!!!

  3. Damn u Flu (Fist Shakes)

  4. When you use contraception, you are not only sinning; you are are cock blocking the Almighty. Brilliant!!

  5. The only way that victory could have been sweeter was if Evra had scored those goals after climbing over Suarez's dead body, Oh well... I guess we have to settle for 2nd best possible scenario then.

  6. Merry Christmas Bitches!!!

  7. Was just dragged to see Twilight and it was ok... I guess. Then why do I feel like I've just been raped?

  8. Yes there is also an Elia who is one of the Sand Snakes. One of the younger ones. The one being referred to this post is Elia Sand - Sand Snake.
  9. But then again, The young Wolf wasn't contending for the throne of the seven kingdoms. Just the north, There was no reason to ally with him considering the how far apart both are.
  10. Work like nobody's watching, Dance like you don't need the money... :D

  11. They can keep their heaven. When I die, I'd sooner go to middle Earth

  12. The thing with quotes on the internet is, you can never verify they are genuine - Isaac Newton

    1. Yuki_no_Jon


      lovely ;) you just make a great point!

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