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  1. PrinceHenryris

    Did Meleys fight on the Stepstones?

    I forgot about Vhaeghar. Nice catch.
  2. PrinceHenryris

    Did Meleys fight on the Stepstones?

    I can't find a reference to The Red Queen fighting during Corlys and Daemon's war for the Stepstones, but I can't think of a reason why they wouldn't have wanted another dragon in the fight. Nor, can I see Rhaenys wanting to sit on the sidelines. Thoughts?
  3. I think we can safely rule out Ned, Stannis or any other second son. Remember, how irate a young Tywin was when Tytos agreed to marry Genna to Emmon Frey? I doubt Tywin mellowed with age on his idea of a proper marriage for a Lannister of Casterly Rock. We know he hoped to marry Cersei to Rhaeghar, but failing that, would Tywin prefer a marriage to Visery even though he's the second son, or would he want his daughter to marry a Great Lord or one of his own more powerful bannermen or their heir? If Tywin goes outside the Westerlands or the Royal Family, that would leave Edmure Tully, Wyllis Tyrell, or Jon or Elbert Arryn. If I had to guess, I'd go with Edmure given the attempt to wed Jaime to Lyssa.
  4. PrinceHenryris

    They should have taken Rhaegar captive

    Not likely. Rhaeghar wasn't making a comeback from getting his chest caved in by a warhammer.
  5. PrinceHenryris

    Rickon will ride unicorn into the battle

    If Rickon does ride into battle before the series ends, I'm hoping that he's riding a big, black dragon that hasn't been seen in mainland Westeros for 170 years or so.
  6. PrinceHenryris

    Robb did not want Theon

  7. PrinceHenryris

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    I think you mean the future Lady of The Crossing - Arya Stark.
  8. PrinceHenryris

    Ashara and Ned match

    I've always thought that part of the reason Rickard sent Ned to the Vale was to pair him up with the daughter of a son-less Vale House.
  9. I don't think LF planned for the war to turn out as it did, but I do think he set the Lannisters and Starks against each other which resulted in the subsequent war. He and Lysa poisoned Jon Arryn and then sent a letter to Cat blaming the Lannisters. Then when questioned about the dagger, he blamed Tyrion. He probably ratted out Ned when he went to the Brothel. Then he orchestrated Ned's arrest at the hands of the Lannisters. In some ways things might have worked out better for him than he could have hoped. Stannis and Renly both claimed the Iron Throne. Robb Stark won every battle he fought, thus giving Tywin problems. He was able to fill a vacuum and become a great lord. If he didn't orchestrate the war, he lit the match.
  10. PrinceHenryris

    What if Jon Arryn became the King?

    I was typing out a long scenario to fit the OP's idea and scrapped it. Jon Arryn had no chance, nor should he have had, of sitting the Iron Throne.
  11. PrinceHenryris

    Which kingdom would you let secede if you were king?

    Good question. I would keep the Iron Islands because I wouldn't want to leave them to their own devices for too long. For me, it would come down to either Dorne or the North. Both of them are isolated geographically from the rest of Westeros. Both have significant cultural and/or religious differences as well. Historically, Dorne has caused more trouble for the rest of the Seven Kingdoms than the North. As a result, I'd probably keep them in my Kingdom, to keep a closer eye on them. So, I'd probably go with the North.
  12. Back to the original topic. Robb might have found himself in big trouble if he had been married/betrothed. Remember what happened to Lucerys when he went to Storm's End and admitted to Borros Baratheon that he was already betrothed. Does anyone think that Walder Frey wouldn't do something similar if Robb Were already betrothed? A marriage pact with the heir to Winterfell was an advancement opportunity for House Frey. If that bargaining chip wasn't on the table, Walder probably would have looked for ways he could ingratiate himself with Tywin Lannister. At a minimum, he could have refused Robb's crossing. Depending on other factors, he could have destroyed the bulk of Robb's army. So, no, Robb being married/betrothed would not have saved him.
  13. PrinceHenryris

    Drogon's Fighting Worth

    I AM NO SER!
  14. PrinceHenryris

    Drogon's Fighting Worth

    I'm trying to get a better idea of Drogon's size at the end of aDwD. How would he stack up against the historical dragons from The Dance. Obviously, Drogon can carry Dany, but does that mean he's of fighting weight? I'm leaving out the "heavyweights" (Vhaghar, Caraxes, Vermithor, etc.), and trying to compare them to the younger dragons in The Dance. Dany's roughly the same age as Prince Daeron, Lady Baela and the Velaryon boys were during The Dance. Daeron's Tessarion was an effective force during the war. The Velaryon boys had young dragons. Vermax and Arrax fought and died. It seems that Tyraxes died without ever seeing battle. Moondancer was apparently, a warhorse with wings during The Dance. Even though Aegon II was older, I'll include Sunfyre for the sake of Argument. Sunfyre and Vhaghar fought Meleys. Sunfyre left the battle crippled. So, that's where I'm going with the comparisons. My personal guess would be that Drogon is somewhere between Moondancer and Tessarion, but I'm interested in hearing other opinions.
  15. PrinceHenryris

    What Westerosi Standard Would You Fight Behind?

    Wherever I see the best hope for gain.