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  1. Disclaimer: This is in no way intended to start any real world political discussion. I just remembered this quote and found it interesting. Lyndon Johnson (Aerys) about J. Edgar Hoover (Tywin): "It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in." I can see Aerys wanting to keep Tywin in his "tent", but I can also see Tywin wanting to make sure that he stays in that tent.
  2. PrinceHenryris

    Ser Harmon of the Reeds

    Who was he? He got a good bit of run during Rhaenyra's time in KL. He was noted as the "Iron-Banger" and was one of the "Seven Who Rode", but we don't know much else. I find the "of the Reeds" part of his name interesting. Was he a Reed who went wandering or was it simply a name he adopted as a hedge knight? I don't have enough evidence to make a case either way, but maybe someone picked up something I missed.
  3. PrinceHenryris

    Favourite Targaryen King?

    I'm worried that FaB II might make me change my mind, but I'm a Viserys II fan.
  4. Jaime himself probably wouldn't have made a difference. What might have made a difference is if Tywin knew Jaime was heading for the Trident with Rhaeghar. Based on how quickly he got to KL, Tywin had his armies ready. If Tywin decided to bring the 20k he brought to KL to the Trident instead, that could very well have turned the battle in favor of the Targs. Now the question is what happens after Tywin "wins" the battle for the Targs?
  5. PrinceHenryris

    Why did benjen return to winterfell?

    As the above posters have said, the NW needed to have someone at Winterfell when Robert visited. As to why it was Benjen and that the Stark kids knew their nuncle, my guess would be that Jeor Mormont felt uncomfortable visiting Winterfell after Jorah shamed the family. The Starks have had a close relationship with the NW for centuries so it would not be uncommon for the Lord Commander send envoys to Winterfell from time to time. Who better to send than the Lord's brother who could regale his young nephews with stories about the "valor" of the NW?
  6. PrinceHenryris

    Do you think Balon got off too light?

    Did Balon get off too easy? Yes and no. On the yes side, he kept his head and remained Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands. On the no side, he took a beating that saw his two eldest sons killed and his remaining son a hostage. As for leaving Balon alive and in power, it wasn't necessarily a bad move. If, and I'm sensing Jon Arryn's influence here, the victors realized that removing Balon's head and destabilizing the region would cause more problems than letting him live and stay in power.
  7. Since the OP's original question assumes that the revealation happened before Jon Arryn died, the simple answer would have been war, ending with Cersei's, Jaime's, and Tywin's heads decorating spikes. I don't understand why so many are worried about Jaime. Robert is not Wyman Manderly. He still rides and hunts. He may not be what he was on the Trident, but he killed a boar while mortally wounded. If we factor in the warhammer versus sword dynamic, the fight's a lot closer than many people would think. As for Tywin, I'd worry even less. As many have pointed out, the Tyrells would have Margery on the road to KL before the Ravens had plucked out Cersei's eyes, and she'd probably have a nice big army, ready to support Robert with her. With the Tyrells in the fold, we'd be looking at Tywin versus the Crownlands, Stormlands, Reach, Vale, Riverlands and the North. I sincerely doubt Dorne would help Tywin. If Doran did anything, he'd probably send troops to support the Crown against Tywin. Who knows what Balon Greyjoy will do, but are the Iron Islands aren't enough to tip the battle? As for the Crown owing money to the Lannisters, what better way to erase the debt than erasing the Lannisters?
  8. I've always thought that it was Robb and Cat's failing for not immediately marrying a Frey girl. Cat, at least, should have known enough about Walder to immediately cement the pact. Walder, for all of his prickliness, was actually pretty quick to agree. Many other posters have already given plenty of reasons why Walder didn't require marriage, and I pretty much agree, so I won't add anything. I feel that Robb and Cat were at a loss when playing the game with a survivor like Walder. Cat felt superior and thought she held the power as a Tully daughter and Stark wife. Robb didn't stop to think, he just wanted to cross.
  9. PrinceHenryris

    Who was the best hand of the king in the history of westeros?

    Viserys as Hand: Aegon III 136-157 Daeron I 157-161 Baelor 161-171 Looks like 35 years to me.
  10. PrinceHenryris

    Valyrian steel armor

    Wasn't Bittersteel wielding Blackfyre when he fought Bloodraven at Redgrass?
  11. PrinceHenryris

    Who was the best hand of the king in the history of westeros?

    While I wouldn't necessarily argue with Barth, Bloodraven or Tywin, I would like to add Prince Viserys Targaryen. Served as hand for 35 years for three difficult kings and held the realm together during that time.
  12. This. Whatever other failings he may have, Sam's smart. He might have been able to better manage the Tarly lands and increase their incomes. The problem was he had a father obsessed with martial prowess. Mayhaps, instead of going to extreme measures to turn Sam into a "man", Randyll could have taken Sam with him when he toured his lands? Sam might have noticed that a mill needed updating, or that a bannerman was using his land wrong. Whatever. Sam is more than smart enough, and despite his protests tough enough to rule Horn Hill. He just isn't a fighter.
  13. PrinceHenryris

    Why did Varys murder Pycelle?

    From everything I know about Pycelle, it's a miracle that somebody didn't kill him sooner.
  14. PrinceHenryris

    Targayen visit? Or Company of Thorin visit?

    That's an interesting take on the subject. Even if it wasn't a direct strong-arm, I could see the Starks and Umbers feeling that way. Now I'm trying to figure out the six dragons and their riders. We know it was definitely Jaehaerys/Vermithor and Alysanne/Silverwing. Who were the other four? The only other dragons we know for sure were alive at the time were Balerion and Vhaghar, but the only riders we know about for those two are either dead or not born yet. Given their size during the Dance, I would guess that Melys, Syrax and Caraxes were alive at the time, but again, none of their known riders were alive at the time. So who were the mystery dragons and riders?
  15. PrinceHenryris

    Why hasn't there been a new Maestor at Castle black yet?

    The citadel should have sent multiple novices to the wall. The problem was that they would have served under Aemon Targayean and learned things the Citadel didn't want them to know. I don't have the books handy so I can't find the quote, but wasn't Maester Aemon considered one of the most dangerous men in the Seven Kingdoms?