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  1. Jon's actions can, and probably should, be viewed as treasonous, I'm not arguing that; what I don't agree with is the oathbreaking. Jon had every intention to return, he wasn't deserting - which is what that vow is about - and we know that the lord commander can in fact leave his post. As can any other NW member. Sure he did, but I don't see how that violates his oaths.
  2. Again, none of this is oathbreaking - except for desertion, obviously, which he didn't ultimately commit. These are the NW vows: Can you point me out, again, which part of these did he break? Oathbreaking and treason are not the same thing.
  3. Thing is, none of that constitutes oathbreaking. Did Jon commit treason? Probably, but his vows say nothing about neutrality or executing wildling chieftains. And of course he's biased against the Boltons, how could he not be?
  4. Which part of his oath did he break?
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