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  1. Well, a polygamous marriage is actually worse because it will inevitably raise many complaints and piss out a lot of people. But yes, the situations are similar and in both cases it's not a great idea. I'm not familiar with Harry Potter at all. Anyway, I think that GRRM's mindset on the matter is the same Marwyn has so everyone would be better off staying clear of prophecies.
  2. It's Sansa. I think Aegon will be the one to oust Cersei, and he needs a wife.
  3. No, I get that, I just don't understand why he would need specifically Jaime to be there. Even if a loyal Kingsguard was with Aerys, what could he do?
  4. I don't understand what difference would it make for Rhaegar. But if Tywin was plotting with the prince I'm sure he would have wanted his son safe, which means away from the pyromaniac madman.
  5. If Rhaegar won I don't think Tywin would have sacked the city, he would have simply taken the Red Keep and held it until the royal army came back. I also don't think Rhaegar set Jaime up, if he was in cahoots with Tywin which Kingsguard was left with Aerys wouldn't have made any difference. Actually it would have made more sense to bring Jaime to the Trident.
  6. Then it wasn't a real prophecy, or it was about someone else. Seems quite simple to me.
  7. Exactly, Rhaegar marrying someone else while already having children would have been very dangerous in any case. It's that kind of thing that caused the Dance. If it's a real prophecy it will happen, there's no point in trying to fulfill it.
  8. Elia not caring about Rhaegar taking a mistress? Sure, no problem with that - but then he couldn't choose the daughter of the Warden of the North for that role. But we're talking about the prince taking another wife, from a family more powerful than the Martells, whose children would be a gigantic threat to Aegon and Rhaenys: I'd like to read even one reasoning that has Elia agreeing to that without looking delusional.
  9. I think it's also possible that GRRM just didn't think it through.
  10. Geddus

    George hates hero worship

    Jon's actions can, and probably should, be viewed as treasonous, I'm not arguing that; what I don't agree with is the oathbreaking. Jon had every intention to return, he wasn't deserting - which is what that vow is about - and we know that the lord commander can in fact leave his post. As can any other NW member. Sure he did, but I don't see how that violates his oaths.
  11. Oh, so it's my opinion that Elia was never described as an idiot, or crazy? Cool. You have a funny definition of "opinion".
  12. To absolve precious Rhaegar, of course.
  13. Because she's never been described as an idiot, or crazy. I also guess she knew about the Dance of the Dragons (and I'm sure Rhaegar did as well, but that's beside the point).
  14. Geddus

    George hates hero worship

    Again, none of this is oathbreaking - except for desertion, obviously, which he didn't ultimately commit. These are the NW vows: Can you point me out, again, which part of these did he break? Oathbreaking and treason are not the same thing.
  15. Geddus

    A middle lane view of Rhaegar and Elia

    Dorne isn't all that different from the rest of the realm in that regard, just look at how and why Oberyn got his nickname for example. Anyway, Elia may have been fine with her husband having a lover, sure, but not if said lover was the daughter of the lord of Winterfell. Any child from such a relationship would have been a gigantic threat towards Rhaenys and Aegon, Elia would have known that. Lyanna not wanting to marry who her father told her to would be seen as an irresponsible act by a spoiled brat by anyone in Westeros.