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  1. On a roll accomplishing many important tasks today! Next up the kitchen and the floor...

  2. So tired! Bedtime for me.

  3. Fun times yesterday with good people! Going to enjoy this lazy day with my loves : )

  4. I've got a great feeling about today!!! Looking forward to seeing wonderful friends and celebrating....but first I need to get some cleaning up done around the house and some showers done! Hope everyone has a great weekend : )

  5. Nice Friday night hanging with the kids....everybody is taking antibiotics now and starting to feel better finally. Just in time for a fun weekend ahead of us!!!!!

  6. My little ladies are sick : (

  7. B-E-D! Very soon anyway!

  8. Just got back from taking my sister to BWI so she can head back to LA....really going to miss her : ( I better go back to bed now or I'll never get out of bed for work in the morning!

  9. Sad the weekend ends tomorrow and that Britt and Armen have to leave in the morn : (

  10. Cannot wait for the big game today!!!!! LET'S GOOOOOO HOKIES!!!!!

  11. Just had a moment of clarity.

  12. So not excited to have been awake 30 mins already...I'm going to need a nap today!

  13. Ella's class had a Thanksgiving feast today and put on a little play about the pilgrims and indians....super cute! Tomorrow I get a double feature and get to do it all over again with both Andrew and Sadie's classes.

  14. Oh Monday morning, how I loathe you....thankfully I have a fun and busy week ahead to motivate me!

  15. I had hoped for an early bedtime but this seems to be as early as I could manage. Really looking forward to the next seven days...jam packed full of stuff to do, good times, and good people. It doesn't get any better : )

  16. I will not lose my cool, I will not lose my cool....oh, wait, too late.....AHHHHHH!

  17. Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.--Brian Tracy Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.--Oprah Winfrey

  18. Today is a day for being a straight up lazy bum...I have showered and cleaned up my kitchen but not much else : )

  19. Sadie made it so easy when I dropped her off for her first day of preschool....kinda thought she'd miss me more lol! She is growing up too fast, they all are : (

  20. Life has kept me super busy of late....kinda feel like I'm running a marathon at the speen of sound. Lookin forward to the long weekend and some me time!

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