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  1. They set the stage for Ragnarok, but they lacked the nerve to write a Ragnarok ending. When Mel rode up I half expected it to be Stannis poised to announce himself as the mouth of Sauron. I wanted Mel to become the fire in the trench, a moment of apotheosis rather than some sort of minor miracle to assuage her secret agnosticism. It would also have been fitting for one who burned others alive to feel the fire, herself. It was an opportunity for a glorious death (Ragnarok) rather than just "I'm done now [micpendant drop]." I have no idea what to make of Bran's "I have to go now." If they don't follow up on that it might as well have been the psychic equivalent of excusing himself to the pub toilet. Honestly I was fine with just going along with it until Arya's backstab. I don't understand it at all, it didn't provide me any satisfaction or closure. I wanted to see heroism in the face of the end of the world. What I got was an Old Nan yarn.
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    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Why aren't you? I bought six bottles of scotch last month as a prophylactic. I assure you, I am well inoculated tonight (and will be all remaining subsequent Sundays). They had better not have brought Jaime all the way north only to knight Brienne and then kill him off next week. That's not good enough for me. He's my favourite, and probably putting in the best acting performances as well. I don't see Arya as a sexual person (and it has nothing to with her age or appearance). I assume some people think everybody must be, and so she has been written this way. Oh well. Nice Ghost cameo. I assume that's just to shut the whingers up. Somebody could have petted him at least. I empathized with Missandei in her no-place-like-home scene. I suppose I don't want any of these characters to be killed off (except Dany, and that's not her fault, I just find it way too conservative to have the story end with the restoration of the ancien regime), but I can't help thinking this story could have been told better. It's just not good enough. Too by the numbers.
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    Jon's bride if Daenerys dies

    his Hand
  4. All in for Cersei I (rip).