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  1. You almost had me #starwarsnetflix #aprilfools... Was that @SalIMakeMusic as Quinlan?

  2. @johnny_grasso14 enjoy the movie, I was totally satisfied with it, can't wait to see it again and again and again. Casting was brilliant.

  3. When #TheForceAwakens was announced it was 3 years till it opens, now it's 3 3 days #getready #usetheforce

  4. Happy Halloween! https://t.co/Mm74889rHW

  5. @StarWarsJunk even in the 80's they managed to make a gold plated 3PO, why almost 40 years later they only manage a dull phasma and 3PO...

  6. #GameOfThrones is available at the German iTunes store, both in German and English