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  1. Greggles

    How to capture a wight with fewest casualties

    It would be an utter travesty. Given some of the choices the showrunners that the have made this season, I'm not counting it out.
  2. Greggles

    How to capture a wight with fewest casualties

    So zombie Sandor vs zombie Gregor is in the cards now, I guess.
  3. Greggles

    Heresy 198 The Knight of the Laughing Tree

    I wanted to read the entire thread before posting but time, laziness. Following on from Black Crows theme of twinning, (er, looping, mirroring past and present) and comparing TKOTLT with Ser Loras' defeat of The Mountain. Loras in his beautiful armour won through trickery: his mare was in heat (something he probably planned for) causing the Mountains horse to become unmanageable. Mirroring and inverting this: Howland Reed, his craptacular armour rode against those three knights while Lyanna unbeknownst to him warged his opponents horses causing them to lose. She's the mare in this case. Howland gets his vengeance. Lyanna the teenage she-wolf gets to have some fun. Feel free to tear this apart, but I think Occam is on my side.
  4. There are a series of threads floating around stating that Sansa has been warging since the Battle of the Blackwater. But just not in the usual way. Namely that The Hound has been warged. Somewhat, he's charmed by her, tones down usual brutal instinks around her, which is completely foreign to his character, especially when he displayed such contempt for her from the get-go. Same thing goes for Sweetrobin. And finally, Petyr did some absolutely stupid stuff for her, namely kissing her in the very public courtyard of The Eyrie when Lysa was around. I'll try to dig up the better written, extensively argued and well sourced thread, but in the meantime I thought I'd throw this out for y'all to chew on.
  5. I'm only on this forum every two months or so (More frequently when the books/show are released)  If you like some of the points and arguments I've raised, feel free to drop me a message.

    If you want to critique my arguments in a non-troll way, feel free to do the same!