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  1. I agree. Even though GRRM wrote the episode, the Stannis burning his Brother In Law because he would not convert to R'hllor was foolish. The motive that Florent was a spy and planning on treason against Stannis is a lot more logical.
  2. 9 The Melisandre and Shireen scene seemed forced and out of place. I liked Roose and Ramsay . . good scenes.
  3. Best Episode of the Series . . surpassed, "Blackwater" IMO . . great, just awesome, wonderful job Dave and Dan . .
  4. 9 out of 10, I thought the Yunkai scenes were mis placed and did not fit into the episode at all. I also wanted Ygritte to shoot Jon snow with an arrow (on a personal level). Also, could have done a better job with building the wedding tension for us book readers. "Blackwater" and "Baelor" still stand out as the show at it's best. The best episode of the season still remains, "And now his watch has ended" followed by "Second Sons" both perfect 10s IMO.
  5. Hated the sexploitation but everything else was money. Dan and Dave did a great job, gave them a 10. Did such a great job with Daario, they got him right. Yes the look is different but he looks great and acts great. #TeamDaario
  6. 1. Is Mel going to meet Arya in the books? Will Arya be the one who finishes off Queen Cersei posing as the corpse of Tyrion? Remember they told the one hooker in Braavos who folks think is Tysha that her love will return to her one day, but her love would be already dead. Arya can assume Tyrion's body as the FM do and go and finish off Cersei . . . 2. Mel going to meet Arya, is that a part of an ending that GRRM told D and D about that we got informed about last night? Still has me guessing . .
  7. 7/10 Melisandre meeting Thoros and Beric was akward . . . and Thoros having a power Melisandre doesn't have . . . weird as well I do think they gave us good nuggets.
  8. Gave it a, "4" disappointed. Weakest of the season so far IMO and the worst episode in a while . . one of the worst ones ever. JMO
  9. 10, up there with Blackwater and better than any episode other than Blackwater last season.
  10. Yep that was Ramsay, see how he signaled to what appeared to be, "Skinner" and they left. Ramsay is having some fun with Theon. No Kyra though . .
  11. I agree, outstanding Episode, definitely building toward many things this season. Lord Karstark, "This war was over the moment you married her." Karstark complaining about the defection of The Frey men, also it seems Robb has lost the cause of some in the Riverlands.
  12. What do you get when you mix the faith of the Drowned God with the faith of R'hllor? STEAM!!!
  13. 8/10. Slow but necessary slow. Thought the scene with Bronn and the Working Girl was a bit unnecessary. But overall things flowed smoothly. I was impressed by Dormer as Madge Tyrell. Joffrey seems to be getting a real affection for Madge. It will play powerfully into her plot.
  14. Also, read Barristan's Chapters in ADWD he mentions a lot of folks and lays the ground work for the plan. The one wild card is The Harpy aka The Green Grace.
  15. AMEN, Once the Dragon Horn is blown, I think total chaos will break out . . . with Ser Selmy dying in the battle, maybe even Victarion. Selmy won't survive this day, I feel it . . we all have read enough GRRM to know as when it seemed Stannis had won Blackwater, out of no where he got smashed by the Tyrell and Lannister Hosts and a Tyrell dressed as Renly. Also, one thing GRRM has taught us, "NEVER TRUST A SELLSWORD." Bronn bailed on Tyrion Brown Ben Plumm had his gold taken by his Sgt then betrayed Dany, Daario killed his captain and took control of the company, The Second Sons, StormCrows betrayed The Yunkai. Chaos is about to break out . .
  16. I agree . . from now on we will see more a blended time line with some events pushed back and some moved forward . ... it is D and D's baby totally now.
  17. Best show on Television along with Boardwalk Empire, Dexter and Homeland . . Here 1. I enjoyed the Queen Dany scenes, they were good. 2. I liked the Zombie Apocalypse army at the end led by the White Walkers/Others 3. I didn't like Robb's wedding to gods he doesn't believe in . . I thought they screwed the pooch with Robb this year. 4. The Winterfell destruction is a mystery as they have changed the reasons and causes for things on the show. 5. Jon's story was the weakest and the worst adapted this year, but has potential for next season. 6. Good to see King's Landing and I loved Shae's acting toward the end of the episode. Setting up for seasons 3 and 4 of Storm of Swords/Feast
  18. I've watched this episode five times . . that says it all . .
  19. R.M. said the reason he doesn't wear the Hound Helmet is because it is too hard to see out of when fighting. Didn't want to injure anyone during filming the scenes. Also, a few folks asked me today if Tyrion was dead . . . good adaptation with Ser Moore.
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