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  1. I saw Walder Frey recently in Broadchurch. Great role! Nice to see him in something where he has a bit more range than just being an ass (Filch and Frey). And when I saw Oblivion in theatres (awhile back) I was shocked to see the Kingslayer. I kept making stupid Jaime jokes to my friend during all of his scenes :P

  2. Cringed during the whore scene where Shae actually turned down a bag full of jewels due to love for Tyrion. Ridiculous. Can't wait until the little Lion reminds her he can't slum with her forever; it's strangle time.

    Right? How come the whores on this show don't care about money? Shae is in it for twu wuv and turns down a ridiculous amount of jewels, Ros wanted to make more of herself and so she became Hand of the Pimp, 3 (or 4?) whores thought Pod was so amazing in bed that they denied his payment....

  3. Does nobody else think that attacking the Dreadfort with 50 men is one of the dumbest things you have ever heard? How could one possibly ever think that was a good idea.

    Stupid Greyjoys.

    ....unless she's just going back to Deepwood Motte.

    That was...odd, to say the least.

  4. 2

    The good stuff was very good - Roose, Walder Frey, Davos (not Stannis), but the bad stuff was horrendous - Dany's scene was a total embarrassment. One of the worst in the series to me, especially considering that it's a season finale.

  5. And you know they are playing Shae COMPLETELY straight. Like she's not even a prostitute with a heart of gold anymore, she's practically a saint.

    For a second there I actually thought she was going to leave so Tyrion wouldn't have to kill her...

  6. I promised briantw an apology about this, and here it is:

    You, briantw, were absolutely right and I was 100.0% wrong about the Purple Wedding not being in Season 3. You were on the money about the Purple Wedding not being in Season 3, and I foolishly disagreed with you. The error was mine, and I apologize.

    yeah speaking of that, didn't a bunch of people lose some bets tonight? lol

  7. The episode was perfectly fine, it just didn't meet expectations that alot of us had, chiefly Stoneheart (I can't HELP those of you who thought the Purple Wedding was coming LOL)

    I mean we got the Rat Cook and RobbWind! Pleasant surprises!

    I think the Dragonstone stuff and Jon/Ygritte was fine, you guys are just nitpicking.

    and from what reactions I'm reading from non-readers, they LOVED the Tyrion-Cersei stuff. Anything King's Landing or Lannister related is pure GOLD to the audience.

    really? the complaints about Stannis are way more than just a little nitpicking. His character is completely different.

  8. THIS!!!

    The more I think about that scene, the creepier it becomes! The way she was laughing at the end with her arms open wide seemed almost a little demented. I love Dany but maybe GRRM really did hint to D&D about what he has planned for her in the future. Very strong Messiah complex vibes. If I think of it in that sense, it's way less cheesy.

    I would like to think that, but honestly...I think it was just cheesy :(

  9. I have a feeling that the Kingsmoot is cut. However, I also had a strong feeling that LS would be in this episode, so...I expect every season from here on out to be radically different from the books. I don't think the Martells are cut. My mom bought me Martell merchandise from the HBO site during season 1. Would they really be doing that if they were going to cut all of them?

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