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  1. Yep, even worse than a hypocrite....makes zero sense. The actress is out of her depth too.
  2. I actually didn't know it was airing until I got an e-mail from HBO this morning about merchandise....haven't heard much about it for whatever reason.
  3. what are some of the other leaks...?
  4. To be honest, I think it was a mistake to try to "humanize" Ramsay at all. There are some characters that are just better as more straight-up sociopathic irremediable villains and Ramsay is one of them. Watching him dealing with a "girlfriend" felt ridiculous to me. I mean, we *are* dealing with medieval type power figures....some of these people are absolutely fucking insane.
  5. lol, so many people think that characters like Sansa and the Sand Snakes and Talisa are so "empowering" and that if you disagree you're a sexist, but in reality more of the opposite is true and shows how shallow D&D's views of women are. They identify "strong women" as those who backtalk kings and tell others how stupid they are all of the time....no matter how unrealistic it is in the setting. That's one thing I love about GRRM's writing compared to this - the women are strong but not in ways that are completely unrealistic in the era and cringeworthy and just scream "I'M A WOMAN HEAR ME RAWR!"
  6. it seems like she is supposed to be #GIRLPOWER.
  7. yeah, but of course he needs to be a hero who runs in here and defends the show because there's nowhere else to go on the internet to praise it...
  8. It's tradition! Our space to criticize the show.
  9. Haha, sounds awful. I think I stopped watching the show before that happened.
  10. For being so obsessed about wanting to recreate the Red Wedding, they really fucked it up. The Red Wedding was so powerful in the books partially because of the subtle (and not so subtle) foreshadowing and ominous feel surrounding the entire deal....Robb's relationship with Jeyne, the way Grey Wind acted, it was just so....creepy. Almost horror-like, which makes sense considering GRRM has horror experience. In the show, they fucked up a LOT by replacing Jeyne with that idiot for one thing, and then there was absolutely no foreshadowing or anything until the doors shut. It was also such a trope how Robb and that idiot stood there talking all mushy about how they were naming the baby Eddard a few minutes before she gets brutally stabbed in the stomach. There was really no reason for any of that except for their pathetic attempt to pull at people's heartstrings. In GRRM's world, it's more "realistic." People don't usually get a chance to talk to their loved ones before they die....there aren't any final last words or romantic departures....in the show though, it's pretty common. Personally, I think the inability to have cheesy final words is much more heartbreaking, but whatever. There were a lot of other problems, but I haven't watched it in so long because it's just depressing for me. Gah, they couldn't even do the most epic scene in the books justice!
  11. They just wanted Dormer to be exactly like her role in The Tudors....eh, okay, did not translate well.
  12. Amazing minor actors that have appeared in lots of critically acclaimed BBC dramas are on this show.... Too bad almost all of the main actors suck or are just "pretty good." The main actors should be AMAZING in a show this big, not just "yeah, they're definitely a good actor, just not incredible." That really is not enough. Pretty much every critically acclaimed show has a powerhouse cast. Even some pretty bad shows have a better cast than GoT.
  13. Why did they make Asha a lesbian? Was it so they could give her "hot lesbian sex scenes"?
  14. Yeah, no one remembers the poor little person who started this awesomely negative thread Nah, I've changed my name like 4 times since season 2, so I don't expect anyone, except for a couple people I know really well on here, to know that
  15. Episode 9 is now the highest rated GoT episode on IMDB with a 10/10...