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  1. I gave it a generous 7, mostly for the Winterfell scenes (which were too short) and Tyrion. All of the episode was predictable and much of it boring, but the acting and CGI were solid. Im still not a fan of Kits acting though.
  2. I think that is a bit harsh. Maisie and Sophie so far havent shown near as much chemistry onscreen as they have in interviews together, vines, etc, but I wouldn't say they have zero chemistry. I definitely disagree their conversations at WF have been worst examples of acting in whole show. Both have portrayed their characters very well. Maisie is playing Arya very differently this season (see thread "Arya Stark" I created today), but Im 99% sure that is a writing/dorecting choice, not an acting one. Whereas Maisie was always very expressive in her acting in seasons 1-6, this year she has played Arya as a cold, calculating, emotionless being who even states expressions of anger or resentment matter-of-factly rather than displaying emotion. Arya's soul and personality seemed to have been sucked out of the character which had a big impact on the scenes with Sansa/Sophie. Again though, I am certain Maisie is playing Arya as intended and the huge change in her delivery of the character is in line with where the showrunners are taking her character. Something is definitely up.
  3. There is something very different about Arya's character this season and in Maisie's acting. I cant pinpoint the reason for it. Arya had always been a strong minded individual who wears her heart on her sleeve. She always spoke her mind directly when something was bothering her and she was very expressive. Maisies acting was too. She was brilliant. In season 7, Arya is almost a different person and Maisie is definitely playing her more controlled and emotionless, like she has lost touch with most of her humanity. Even in the conversations with Sansa this season, Maisie's delivery has been more in line with the Waif than that of Season 1-6 Arya. I also believe this is by design and not just an acting choice from Maisie. I see only 3 reasons for this: 1. The writers are taking Arya down an even darker path towards full blown psychopath and the change in delivery of the character is to illustrate that descent. 2. Arya is dead and the Waif is wearing her face. I would absolutely loathe for this to be true but I am genuinely fearful the show may go that way. 3. Arya truly did become No One at end of season 6 and is just playing the part of the old Arya Stark, therefore the true emotion of the real Arya isnt there.
  4. Lol she wasn't threatening to kill Sansa at all. She wanted to scare Sansa I think, but she was letting her know she is on her side. Also, even if it was a genuine threat, the reason was not so Arya could wear nice things lol
  5. CrypticWeirdwood's post was from the fan theory that Tyrion is actually the son of Mad King Aerys and Joanna Lannister so is also a secret Targ. If that is true, then Tyrion would have killed Jaime's father (Tywin) and Jaime would have killed Tyrions (Aerys). There are also theories that it is actually Jaime and Cersei who are actually the Targaryens and not Tyrion. Personally, I believe both of these theories are false.
  6. That wasn't missed. Arya never said or even hinted that she thought Sansa wanted her family being hurt or any harm coming to them. It was the lust in Sansa that Arya saw in the room when the Lords were talking about her being Queen in the North that prompted their private conversation in the first place. A significant part of Sansa wanted that. She wasn't wishing any harm on her family or on Jon, but Arya I think saw that Sansa was wishing they had named her QitN instead of Jon KiTN. The conversation wasn't about the family being hurt. It was about loyalty..and from what Arya saw in Sansa, she had reasons for some doubt there. I don't think Arya handled it the right way though and her comment about chopping heads off was stupid. BookArya would not ev en have suggested that. I am so tired of the writers making character A momentarily stupid in order for character B to appear smart. They seem completely incapable of making Character A appear smart, but character B just even more on point in a specific situation.
  7. Sansa didn't teach Arya anything. She made a point that was not without merit, yet Arya's concerns were also genuine and not without merit. Either way, D&D have pretty much ruined both Sansa and Arya as characters with their writing and the horrendous plot lines they've given to them. Both the characters and the actresses deserve much better material.
  8. On point 5, it appears the opposite for a lot of other people. Arya could save Planetos through an act of incredible empathy and sacrifice and they would still hate on her and say Sansa rocks. I don't think Arya is dumb. She saw through Sansa quite clearly in their discussion. Arya's accusations were based not on a childhood memory but her current read of Sansa right then and there. She KNEW a big part of Sansa was wanting and craving the power and she was internally struggling with that. I think the accusations levelled at Arya being childish in that scene were unfair. Her extremist solution about chopping off heads was wrong, but it was still understandable as to why she would lean that way given her experiences and recent actions.
  9. This is true, but as good as ASOIAF is, GRRM also has his own fairly substantial weaknesses. His characterisations are brilliant and for the most part, consistent, whereas the show's are anything but. However, in terms of the actual plot, I feel George let it get too big and overwhelm him in Feast and Dance and it's going to be difficult for him to bring it all back together, which is why we may never see A Dream of Spring. Both of those fourth and fifth books dragged badly and were difficult to read through at times. Many plot threads needed to be cut for the adaptation. To that end, D&D had the right idea, they just butchered the execution.
  10. I agree, which is why I stated they should have been showing more obvious improvements in the training. Arya's Braavos arc could potentially have been amazing, but D&D botched it so badly. It was a hack job, nothing more, one which utterly ruined Arya as a character for many people.
  11. We certainly DID see Arya develop in her training in the House of Black and White, but it was subtle, gradual improvements that were shown, not massive ones. In her duels with the waif, Arya definitely improved in her defence capabilities, blocking and anticipating opponents moves. That much was clear. The problem with Arya's arc in seasons 5 and 6 is D&D spent so much time getting Arya from an F to a C in terms of her Faceless Men skills (disguise, assassination, etc) they had no time left to display her going from a C to an A or A+. Also, they spent zero time on her swordfighting (not even showing her to continue practicing it alone like they did in S3 and S4). This made the Brienne fight even more difficult to believe. Its like they started showing the foundations of Arya learning things (manipulation, lie detection, etc) but never finished it off. For example, the story the Waif told Arya about the waif's childhood was clearly meant to be the beginnings of Arya learning lie detection (as she dod in books) but then that went nowhere and Arya's ability to detect lies was never tested or trained again. It is likely the show will never revisit that ability either or have Arya use it. Indeed, if they were going to, they wouldn't have had Arya accuse Hot Pie of lying when it was clear as day (whether his claim was true or not) that Hot Pie genuinely believed what he was saying to be true. Arya needed to be shown making more obvious improvements in her training so she could get from an F to an A by end of season 6 or start of season 7 more believably. The way it was done on screen sadly was horrible and ruined Arya for some people.
  12. I agree with your point that there should be some objectivity in rating a tv show, but if the parameters of the rating aren't clearly defined including weightings for each criteria forming part of the overall rating, its pretty much going to be all subjective.
  13. Well, I also know virtually nothing about steel or swords, but yesterday I watched a YouTube video from someone who did in which he was examining the Arya-Brienne fight. He said Needle was a smallsword, but still steel and quite strong. It would not have just broken from a swing of Brienne's longsword. The guy actually had a real smallsword in his hand. So expecting Needle to just snap was unrealistic, but he argued smallswords are for thrusting, not cutting. He even demonstrated by hitting his own bare arm skin firmly with the real smallsword multiple times and it did absolutely nothing. Smallswords are generally for thrusting with point only he argued and said that was the most unrealistic part of the fight. That said, Needle had previously already been shown as a sword that can be used for both cutting and thrusting. For example, Arya used a cutting/slicing action to kill pidgeons and cut the candle in Waif scene but used a thrusting one to kill Polliver and Rorge with the point.
  14. Hey appreciate your comment to Iron Mother.  I thought about pointing that out, but I didn't want to put her on the defensive and thus ignore the point I really wanted to make which was that our difference is philosophical, not based on either's ability to understand the facts.


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