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    What do you Collect?

    Money is tight at the moment since I'm going to a festival in Belgium next week then emigrating to Australia a week after! but I've started to buy GoT merch I have: Game of thrones playing cards Stark winter is coming tshirt Game of thrones (book) Clash of kings (book) Things im after could be an endless list but I'm deffinatley going to have to get: Targaryen shirt or hoodie Nightswatch dragonglass set A feast of ice and fire And desperately want a sword I don't know which one yet there all awesome!!
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    Create your Westerosi house

    House: House Skeen Founder: Hadvar Skeen Sigil: 3 Heads of wolves impaled on blades on a blood red field Motto: A Palace the Reward of Bravery! Location: Nestled in the hills north of the Wolfswood Seat: Hammerfell Sworn to: House Stark Religion: The Old Gods Ancestral weapons/items: Iron Call an ancient battle horn made of the horn of a young dragon, gilded with Valyrian steel and Obsidian inlays. Direfang the Valyrian steel Greatsword used to decapitate a giant Dire wolf saving the king in the north and slay many other strange beasts in the times of Hadvar. History: The origins of House Skeen date back to the ancient days of the north, When the king in the north had his own rule over the lands north of the neck. One freezing frost bitten morning the king celebrating his 40th year on the throne led a troop of his closest friends including his Master of Arms Hadvar Skeen into the depths of the Wolfswood for a day of hunting. Hadvar was a relatively poor man for his position, his only true possessions where the clothes on his back and his Valyrian steel greatsword that never left his presence as it was passed down century's by his ancestors before him. As the troupe got deeper into the Wolfswood they came across a a clearing where a group of Snow white dire wolves had stopped playing and where now stood staring in there direction. A voice whispered for a longbow but the king glared and refused to kill the beasts with them being the sigil of his house and telling that they would not attack a Stark, as the group stepped back a Direwolf abnormally large, easily the size of a stallion strode out from the trees. The other wolves scattered in all different directions whimpering, its fur was jet black and eyes blood red it stood for a good minute staring, then bounded towards the king ripping mens limbs of as it ran through them slaughtering the whole retinue within seconds shrouded in a red mist. The beast stood over the king ready to tear his face off when came an ear popping cracking sound, and again, and again the beast crippled onto the forest floor blood gushed and squirted from the massive fur hulk that lay there. The king was in utter shock to find Hadvar stood next to him soaked from head too toe in red, his greatsword still raised above his head as if ready to strike again. As a reward for destroying the beast and saving the king from being devoured by his own sigil. Hadvar was given the title Hadvar Wolfsbane along with lands to the north of the wolfswood where his castle stands in the hills, the Direwolves head and tapestrys of his deeds that day and of other untold events adorn the walls of his feasting hall. His Valyrian steel greatsword was renaimed Direfang and was lost in battle as Hadvar's adventuring days from him killing the wolf as a young man ended when he was turned to cinder by dragon fire as an old wanderer in strange lands far to the east, but his sword was recovered by his son and remains with the lords of house Skeen to this day. Traits: House Skeen traces its heritage back to islands north of the wall where they were fishermen and raiders. They normally have Blonde hair and Blue eyes and are quite well built but more recently there has been much more variety in appearance of the once islanders. P.S The house name motto and sigil are from my family coat of arms :D