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    Glen Cooks The Black Company series

    Damn, it has been four years to the day since I was last on this site. I only came back on here because I was randomly looking up Glen Cook to see if anything was new and I liked how most viewers of this site actually liked the book as opposed to other websites where they hated it for not being huge or a ripoff of Martin. It is definately one of my favorite series of books to read, but I was a huge Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter fan before I even read one sentence. The narrative of those two games (classic games that I still play once in a while) drew me in, since they were so dark and oppressive (the music helped with that greatly). I asked the creators, Bungie, where they drew their inspiration from and told me it was the Black Company. While I love the Black Company (and have never actually finished the series because I always go back to the original trilogy) it is really hard to get into. You miss a sentence and you get lost. I remember a part from the first story, very early in their service with the Lady. Croaker states that 'they were ordered to attack the fortress at Deal (not sure the exact name of the city) and two sentences later it was done with no fanfare. I admit it took several re-reads to figure out what actually happened. Glen Cook could probably condense the whole ASOIAF series into two-three books and the length of a Robert Jordan description of a woman's dress into one word. The greatest thing about Cook is that he creates huge worlds (he's always addressing new cities, new creatures, and Taken) and downplays them. He is not the historian, Croaker is, and it is up to Croaker to seek out the past and relay it to the reader. My favorite part of the original series: Book 3: The White Rose Page 697 of the omnibus of the first trilogy Silent's face blackened. For what seemed at eternity he stood there in obvious torment, torn between a vow, a love, a hatred, perhaps the concept of an obligation to a higher duty. Tears began coursing down his cheeks. I got an old wish, and was ready to cry myself when I did. He spoke."The ritual is closed." He had trouble shaping his words. "I name your true name, _____. I name your true name, _____" That brings tears to my eyes. The fact that a 40 year old man could cry upon hearing the voice of one of his closest friends, a man who he had known for over 20 years and had never heard speak. A man who has killed, seen thousands of dead men, has seen the evils of the world, and has made peace with an evil woman in order to prevent an even greater evil. Even greater so the fact that Silent is 'the most evil of the wizards of the Black Company' and was in Croaker's terms 'not a nice man' and that Croaker barely knew one percent about his past. As for those who have read The Swordbearer, I salute anyone who has taken the time to read each page individually without rushing through it. It is a 400 page book with a 1500 page story. I have read it multiple times and the most I've ever gotten to total clarity is about page 300 before the final wars begin and everything rushes at a faster pace. Cook took the fantasy genre and took the sword and sorcery out of it.