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    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Well, i won't say the Tyrells really catch my mind often, but there are a few things we can assume: Fist; Margeary will not be queen. We know about the prophecy Cersei heard and is afraid of, and it says that a queen more beautyful than her will come and cast aside all she hold dear, along with her Valonqr... Scanning this you almost say: "damn, it's Margaery!", but thinking through, we realize that regardless of what is the vericdict over margaery, she won't rule, because she is not this queen od the prophecy... It's Daenarys!!! We can say this cause, Valonquar is "younger brother" and tyrion is off seeking daenarys...So, until Daenarys come, Cersei will still be queen. Now is even more clear, cause she has no one else to cow her to rightness. she'll most like kill all who raises a finger on her, and well...I'm looking forward to read Cersei being raped by Tyrion... but anyway... Second: It's not about the tyrells but, we can almost certainly say that Aegon is bound to fail too. Just as Stannis. They will have a few small victories, but...they just don't know they failed already. Stannis built all he believe upon a lie, he thinks he's the promised prince, but he ain't even a prince....He'll heard about the dragons and his teeth will crack and crush.... And Aegon, poor boy, is yet too arrogant and experienceless, is another boy king, only not so Cersei-ish...he won't triumph alone... but he can survive if Daenarys speed up...