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    The betrayal of Roose Bolton

    Roose and Tywin probably first communicate with each other during Tywin's occupation of Harrenhal. There's no direct confirmation of this in the books, but we know that Tywin wrote to the Manderlys in that time, so it stands to reason that he made overtures to the Boltons as well. Their alliance is consumated after the battle of the Blackwater, when Roose betrays the Northern army heading to Duskendale.
  2. Axrendale

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    From what I'm reading, the insurgency in the Democratic House caucus against Nancy Pelosi's return to the Speakership is still refusing to give up the fight. This depresses me. I'm far from the world's biggest Pelosi fan, but the idea of having anyone but her in charge of the Congressional Dems for the next two years is nuts. It's a harbinger of my biggest fear about U.S. politics right now: that the Democrats are somehow going to find a way to screw this up (again). It's nice to bask in the afterglow of the midterms, but I'm really dreading the upcoming contest for the Presidential nomination. Does anyone have any bets about who will be the first (serious) candidate to openly declare their intentions?
  3. Do you watch Avatar The Last Airbender?