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  1. Absolutely. It's exactly why I see him as being far more honourable than say the often vaunted Gerold Hightower. Who clearly would have let all of Westeros burn if Aerys had ordered it. How is that a noble action? I love it in Jamie as he highlights the hypocrisy of knighthood. On the one hand he's the very embodiment of knighthood, handsome, fine background, great warrior etc. etc. right up until the point he decides that several thousand peoples lives are worth more than the vow to a madman. The irony being is that he's considered dishonourable mainly by the rebels that overthrew Aerys. Robert and Ned on the one level have done no different to Jamie, it's just his is much more up close and personal.
  2. I hope so but this lady's not for turning. I really like Jamie as a character. He's pretty harshly treated but I've always considered him to be the most honourable of the Kings Guard. What you think it's fine for a psychopath to burn an entire city to the ground because you swore an oath not to judge him? Yeah you're the moral ones.