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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I guess custom CSS styles can slow down the loading time for web pages, but it never has for me. It really depends on the performance of your computer, and how much "junk" you have on it. I use Chrome and Stylish for Chrome, and in my experience, Chrome is faster than FF.
  2. Thanks! :) I'm really glad you like it.
  3. Hi Woftis, I checked this and I don't think it has to do with the style. Even when I disable the style stars don't show up on threads I have posted in.
  4. Hi, you can install by clicking the big button that is either green and says "Install with Stylish", or that is blue and says "Update with Stylish" or something similar. You are looking at the one from userstyles.org, right?
  5. Okay, weird. I use Stylish for Chrome and I only need to add some !important tags to make it work, which are all in the CSS at Stylish. There is a big downside to using !important tags on every rule though - making exceptions gets really hard, since you if you have one rule for "a" and one for "#example a" then the rule for "a" will always take precedence, at least in my experience. This messes up some of the CSS in this style. I will give it a try, though and update if I can figure out something that works. Edit: There wasn't actually any major problems, so it seems I was mistaken. The only thing, which I fixed, was that !important messed up the images for icons in the "Edit Post" interface; I realized I could use background-color instead of background as a property. I also checked in Firefox and it seems identical to how it looks in Chrome now. I hope you enjoy it, and please tell me if there is anything that needs to be adjusted. Here is a link to the style.
  6. Bump. Could a nice admin please sticky this post? It has been done for other CSS styles. Edit: Thank you nice admin! Edit 2: I thought I would "tag" (i.e. quote) the people who have shown interest in the style so far, just to update them on the fact that it still exists, and is now available on userstyles.org and thus easily installable with Stylish.
  7. Am I allowed to bump this up yet? Please don't ban me... Anyhow, I would really appreciate if anyone who has tried this could tell others about it. It needs some hype. And remember, I update the style regularly!
  8. Thank you princeMountainGoat, I'm glad you like it! It seems a mod aldready moved it to the Help section. I wasn't sure were to post it at first, so I put it in General Chatter, but the Help section is probably better. I just hope people find it, hah.
  9. Thank you! I edited the original post to clarify the instructions. You wouldn't find the instructions on the forums, since it is implemented using an add-on to your browser. If you don't have Chrome (and thus cannot install Stylebot), you can use Stylish which is available for Firefox. I'd recommend switching browser though, Chrome offers a much better browsing experience in my opinion (but that's you choice, obviously).
  10. I changed my name btw, sorry if it's confusing. The old one annoyed me. Yes, you can use another add-on, for example Stylish which is available both for Chrome and Firefox (https://addons.mozilla.org/sv-se/firefox/addon/stylish/). If you click the link to the CSS style (http://stylebot.me/styles/2197), there is a button at the right of the page titled CSS. If you click this, it will bring up up the CSS code. Just copy+paste that into whatever interface Stylish provides - I'm not familiar with it personally. Thanks for the nice feedback, I'm happy that you like it!
  11. Hi! I've done a redesign of the forum using CSS and the Chrome add-on Stylish. I found the site as it was to be rather cluttered, and not very pleasing on the eye, which is what motivated me to create this style and now I thought I would share it with people on this forum. The CSS style can be found here - you only need to click the green button to install it with Stylish. Some additional information: For headers I have set the free font Bitter, which is available for download at Google Web Fonts. I really recommend using it, but it's not "mandatory" since there are fallback fonts. Make sure to select all three font weights before you download. The body font is Corbel, which isn't free but should be available on most Windows 7 and Vista systems - not sure about OSX though. Again, there are fallback fonts. If you find anything that hasn't been properly styled, please tell me here or comment at userstyles.org. If you know CSS, you most likely can fix the issue yourself - although be warned that the code is pretty jumbled. I update the style myself from time to time, as I find things to fix and improve. Enjoy the style! http://cdn.userstyle...85955_after.png
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