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  1. Bonito flakes!

  2. Yes, the Astapor scene was brilliant, I totally loved it. In general an amazing episode. Only point that really annoyed me was Cat's appearance in Bran's green dream. Why do the show guys hate her so much?
  3. Honestly the swordfighting in this season (at least up to here, I am still watching, so I don't know about the next episodes) disappoints me a bit. IIRC it was better in the previous seasons, more realistic, less posing and show. Still, I liked Beric vs. Sandor better than Brienne vs. Jaime. It was ok... and the fire was cool, that I can agree to. :D Robb beheading Karstark went a bit to smooth for my taste. I don't want a shiny, perfect, just, skilled Robb. I'm a bit put off by the dead babies in glases Selyse keeps... The Jaime and Brienne in the bath scene is lovely :wub: Otherwise... average GoT episode (which is to say, it's good :P )