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  1. More ideas for Autumn -- recruiting and retention. Recruiting Closed - As much as I would enjoy running a few extra characters through CG, I believe the same goal can be accomplished by reopening some characters who have been closed due to lacking updates. Using established events, from tidings or other updated characters, we can find a few more CG options to choose from. I'm certain some players would volunteer to help with submitting these updates for approval if it meant reopening connections (I say this without know exactly what goes into that process - just a thought) Wanted - Since we hit a patch of inactivity - I've noticed a smaller wanted list at various times late in the month. That said, this method of recruiting has been working rather well lately - but for myself, I am often torn between voting for characters that my own can RP with and characters that are good for the game (such as the warden and huntsman). Perhaps an extra vote or two might allow for a better variety? (Again, very little understanding of what that entails, or if it's been done before - just a thought) Retention Common scenes - With the understanding that most of our characters are at court to network with other nobles, perhaps a prepped weekly/bi-weekly public scene (not quite an official event) can be held to promote current events and conversation? This would work great if experienced players and scene runners worked together to bring in new players, volunteering for shifts or particular slots they are available for. Coordination - Often times, when a small plot pops up, or certain events move in ways not always prevalent, players come together to discuss situations OOCly -- but sometimes, not everyone is keyed in as well as others. To alleviate this, and help new players get in the know, a scheduled meeting to discuss IC topics OOCly could be arranged by aware and more experienced players to be held on a semi-regular basis.
  2. A few ideas for Autumn -- plots and events. King's Landing Sticky Fingers Pt. 3 - Final portion to a set of plots in King's Landing that began early 2017 and ran until as recently as just before the trip to Dorne. The theme is honey and the plan is to party - should any PC's from the Reach or Riverlands wish to get involved, there may be specific roles they can fill - but all KL players are welcome to join. Seven Taxes - A series of different tax collections that occur at the whim of Baelor, or by a specific necessity for coin. All proceeds intended for the great sept -- perhaps not all make it? Jousting Circuit - Scheduled events where characters will be expected to travel short distances to compete/spectate. In effort to appease Baelor, the champion of each event shall receive no purse -- and/or all ransoms to split as donations to the Great Sept -- however, the ruler of whichever demense the tourney is being held /may/ offer gifts to the finalists. At circuits end, a Grand Champion can be determined by victories along the way Bay of Crabs - In an effort to spread the light of the Seven throughout Westeros - a mission of pious individuals, keen on pleasing Baelor, will set off north, to relatively safe lands torn between two faiths - however, coming or going, they're waylaid by troubles in the waters around Crackclaw Point. Dorne Greenbloods - An ambitious set of plots involving recent debt and new trade, a pole boat race, smuggling, foriegn influences, and a potential kidnapping - all focused on and around the Greenblood. Except for Sticky Fingers - none of these plots are currently active. However, I would be more than happy to discuss any point further, should anyone wish to get involved or perhaps tie one of their own ideas into one of these. Feel free to page DD in game or +mail if I'm unavailable.
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