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  1. ApKing06

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    I remember the part about Umber not fighting Umber but did not know that the drums were also being used as a way to send messages. The Umbers relationship adds another level to how the Battle of Winterfell plays out You would think that any Stark boy showing up would be enough for any smart lord to get the North to rally against Bolton. As for the Boltons, they know Bran and Rickon werent burnt alive but rather on the run, out in the wild, and during winter while all it does is snow. Bolton probably thinks he doesnt have to worry to much about the Stark boys. BTW, is this the worse snow storm ever or what? The way its described, it sounds like there should be about 50 feet of snow. I would hate to be the guy who is in charge of shoveling snow around a castle.
  2. ApKing06

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    Thank you for this. It looks like a lot of work and I appreciate it. The point you make about Stannis sending Fake Arya to Jon makes sense, Why do that then send the letter? it doesnt jive. I can not wait to see how this plays out. How does Manderly join Stannis? How do they come together to join forces to attack the Dreadfort? Does Davos show up? with Rickon? How far will the deception go at winterfell? Manderly and his men will have to go back in to winterfell . Right? All that and this is just one story line with a bunch of other cliffhangers i cant wait to find out about. GRRM could say he will have WofW out next week and I would think it was too far away.
  3. ApKing06

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    I recall Dany saying something to the effect that her brother always told her that they were immune to certain sicknesses . I believe it was when they were dealing with the people who were sick from the pale mare where she started helping men clean up the dead and the unsullied followed her. I like the story line. It also clicks very well and solves a multitude of problems for him. As far as clicking: We know Tyrion has always been fascinated by dragons since childhood and has had dreams of dragons. His father hates him! as only the husband of a raped wife could hate. The mismatched black eye could be a clue as well. As far as helping him out: It gives Dany a reason to take him in (and seriously, if Tyrion is ever honestly able to tell Dany the tale of woe his life has been as a Lannister she most certainly will take him in), it also means that Tywin was not his father and therefore not a kinslayer. Furthermore, in the future the false accusations of being a kingslayer would be looked at as fighting for his house and killing a false king/usurper if the Targaryens come to rule again. Personally, I hope this works out this way for Tyrion. Tyrion drinks and whores because his family has been awful to him but somehow he has remained a good person at heart.
  4. ApKing06

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Tyrion not contracting Greyscale even though being fully submerged in the water and tackling a stone man and JC getting it even though he only reached in to pull Tyrion out could be seen as support for Tyrion being a Targaryen. Targaryen's are known to have resistance to sicknesses . Its hard to imagine that Tyrion wouldnt get greyscale otherwise. Even with whatever treatments he may have gotten right afterwards. He was drowning and would of swallowed lungs full of water.