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  1. I think GOT-Cersei is a more interesting character than ASOIAF-Cersei. Lena Heady is doing a great job in that role. That said, it would be a silly ending if she won, but it's good that at least one interesting character is alive until the end. Dany and Jon I really don't care about (I didn't care that much for Jon in the books either, but at least there were some depth there). It would be too predictable if one of they won, even if one of them killed the other. I wouldn't mind if Sansa got the throne, though I don't know how that should happen (sole surviving main character isn't exactly a great reason). Her telling Tyrion about Jon was totally fine, and in line with the character she has became (more like Petyr). Plant a seed to sow some chaos she can profit from. I expect great things from here in the books as well.
  2. Do they really say so? So far we only know for sure that Mel did the switch. Do Stannis know? I would not be surprised, but it's not confirmed. If we are going to speculate on that I will also speculate that this was Mel's idea, based on what she saw in the flames (or just normal foresight). Jon Snow was also told after a while, and it didn't end up being dangerous keeping the information from him. If Stannis knew I would speculate that he was not happy with it, and did not know about the mission to save Arya/Jeyne. Most importantly, duplicity in the form a letter like that, which would sow chaos in Castle Black, that haven't been his style so far. That fits with what I said: "The letter could be after some of the first chapters of WoW." (I omitted the T in front, but still). That doesn't give us enough information about the timeline. We know Theon meets with Stannis and they are preparing for battle, and we have a letter that tells about the outcome of that battle, but we don't know when the letter was sent. As I said I think it was written after the actual battle, and by Ramsay. Some parts of the letter I think are true regardless of author. Several of the spearwives are dead. Probably all. It is likely that they managed to capture and interrogate some, but we don't know. Mance is more tricky, but it would be difficult to escape after the Theon left. That he is captured is likely, but not certain. He could be lying about that. The part I am most hesitant about is Stannis. From a storytelling point of view, this is a big cliffhanger, but the kind you don't want to be true for a significant character like that. You wouldn't want to get spoiled like that. I expect Stannis to fall at some point, but not before his role to the Lord of the Light has been played out, and I don't think it will be against Boltons. Secondly, Stannis, despite being stubborn, is also very competent. He does not tend to overplay his hand. He saw the situation in King's Landing after Robert died for what it was and left. Ned was not so clever. Stannis knows who is coming for him, and how many. The Karstarks are revealed. The Manderly we know are not faithful to Bolton. The Freys haven't been very competent so far. Ramsay is the real danger (though in the books he is more cunning than a good fighter and commander). I'm hoping the part about Stannis is a lie, it's certainly the least credible part to me of the letter, but I still think Ramsay wrote it.
  3. This. It was a chilling letter to read. One of the highlights of the book. People are complaining about the language, but there are no reasons Ramsay wouldn't use those terms for effect. Unless we go into complete tin-foil land and propose that Stannis wrote the letter to intend the reader to think it was Mance masquerading as Ramsay. Stannis wouldn't write this letter. It's completely out of character. He can do some duplicity where it is required, but to allies? And the style used here is beyond him. Also, he would not reveal this much information. Clydas wouldn't write this (based on information from Stannis). That's also out of character of the half-blind, old assistant. Neither are any other in the NW behind this. If they wanted to hurt Jon Snow they could, they didn't need to write a letter. If his enemies in NW received information about Mance that would be valuable, but they still wouldn't need to write such a letter. The information within the letter really limits the number of people who could write it. Mance could have written the letter, based on the information. But Mance was in a difficult spot when we last heard about him. Mance is sneaky and smart. Would this letter really be the best way to promote his self-interest? I think not. Roose could also have written this letter. But it would not be like him to reveal information in such a way. Gambling for a reaction? Sure, but Roose doesn't gamble much. Ramsay fits the bill on all accounts. But that doesn't mean the content is true. He could have captured the spearwives without getting Abel. He could have been tricked into believing Stannis was killed. Or the content is true and everyone is dogfood. The big issue is that we don't know the timeline between when Stannis find Theon and Tycho, and the letter. The letter could be after some of the first chapters of WoW. It's fun to speculate, but any reasons given so far would disappoint me if I they were true. We just have to wait for the Winds of Winter to see.