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  1. Maybe the answer lies in that the Union has ceased to be a useful tool for expansion. It's history for the past three decades has been one of military failure abroad and uprisings at home. The scale of the continuous debacles in Styria can't just be attributed to Monza & Co.'s competence. The Union's institutions seem incapable of producing any competent high level military leaders other than by fluke of circumstance. (see exhibit A: Finree dan Brock). Bayaz may be seeking to replace to current societal/political structure in the Union with one that produces consistently competent officers. One that can be used to expand the borders without bankrupting the whole nation. I mean, the dude may be evil, but he's not stupid. He may have foreseen that the he needs to put a somewhat more meritocratic system in place if he is to reap the full advantages of the new industrial revolution. The current aristocracy and its hold on the military has got to go.
  2. Well, so far we've only seen her being more ruthless towards other rich people. I would reserve judgment on her attitude towards the working class going forward until after we actually see her do anything in the regard. Give the man a break. Running the Inquisition and the Union would strain the capabilities of even the most capable. Something is bound to fall through the cracks. Post-Valveck we only see her engage in the one business activity. And it didn't involve the workers. Too little evidence yet to form a conclusion. Might sound like I'm arguing semantics, but can we truly said that a man is in the closet when he himself doesn't seem to realize that he is gay (or at least bi)? BTW, after his last scene with Savine, it also seems to me that Freud would have a field day with that guy. The city has seen a lot of change in the past three decades. I would almost expect the city to have developed additional docks to handle the increased industrial production. Taking and keeping are very different things when it comes to cities. The impression I got was that the pattern of the Union-Styrian Wars was: Union invades and grabs up territory. Monza counterattacks and gets it back. Costly stalemate. Union withdraws. Lather, rinse, repeat. I find it telling that all the Styrian cities mentioned as being independent of Jappo's control, i.e. Westport, Sipani and Affoia, are port cities in the southern coast of the island/continent. They probably survive because they can be easoly supplied and reinforced by ship from the Union. The only place mentioned that doesn't fit this pattern is Musselia, and all of Broad's recollections point to the city being taken and brutally sacked, not conquered permanently. Given that Musselia is so close to Tallins, I'm thinking in the last war the Union tried for a direct assault against the the Grand Duchy of Tallins and the heart of Jappo's power. And they failed. Miserably. He's probably done the math, but absent any mention of Styria in his presence that might get a reaction, we're unlikely to find out his feelings on the matter. Right path is relative. Calder wanted some Stour to learn some fucking caution and self-preservation. Say one thing about Jonas Clover, say that he knows how to keep himself alive.
  3. AzureOwl

    So where would you live ?

    I would like to say Braavos, but the weather isn’t that appealing. Probably Vahar. Rich from the spice trade, tropical climate, and as far as we know far, far away from any expansionist polities. Since I’m a commoner in this scenario, I see myself becoming a clerk for some spice merchant.
  4. Any plans for that large, conspicuously unnamed island to the south-west of the Old Empire?
  5. Way back when I first read the books, I used to imagine young Robert Baratheon as a taller, more muscular version of Smallville-era Tom Welling. Nowadays I think True Blood-era Joe Manganiello makes for a better fit. And he's too old now, but Tom Hopper from Black Sails and The Umbrella Academy would've made an excellent Dunk. Battlestar Galactica-era Tricia Helfer is what I picture Cersei as resembling.
  6. Well, the nurture would've changed as well. Knowing Cersei I doubt she would've loved and spoiled Robert's son to the degree she did Joffrey. And Robert would've been way more involved in the kid's upbringing instead of essentially checking out like he did with Joffrey.
  7. I thought the very same thing. Either a previous colonization attempt or someone wanting to tuen it into a way station to somewhere else.
  8. It would depend on how fertile they are, if we consider the archipelago as a whole. If we assume that Aegon is 100 sq mi and Visenya and Rhaenys are each around 75 sq mi, that would give us a total area of 250 sq mi for the whole archipelago. Madeira has a total area of 286 sq mi. That means that if the island has the right kind of terrain, it could support of decent, if not large permanent population. Granted, the archipelago is far too remote for it to be used to plant cash crops, like Madeira, but if someone got into their head they wanted to be the sovereign of their own little kingdom, and had the gold to burn, they could get something going on there.
  9. I've been wondering about the possibilities of permanent colonization of the three small islands Elissa Farman discovered during her expedition, and one key point I keep coming back to is their size. In the text they are described as... "Three small islands, even the largest of them a third the size of Dragonstone" So I need to ask, how big is Dragonstone anyway? If that's our only point of comparison.
  10. I am ashamed to admit that I found the ever increasing jerkassery of Unwin Peake to be a great exercise in unintended black comedy. Specially the Maiden's Day Cattle Show and the lead up to it.
  11. AzureOwl

    Question for Elio & Linda regarding F&B Pentos

    Classism doesn't take long to develop. Referring to it in terms of blood may be Gyldayn's cultural bias shining through.
  12. AzureOwl


    Maybe he was referring to the primary sources Gyldayn was working from?
  13. AzureOwl

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    I’ve found another issue. The pin sword for Vojjor Samvi (Kasath) is not on top of that city in the map, it’s south of Vaes Diaf (Hazdahn Mo).
  14. AzureOwl

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    For what it's worth, I'm in Peru and I downloaded the update without trouble.
  15. AzureOwl

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    I think I caught one. The entry for Sathar (Yalli Qamayi) describes it as sitting in the junction of the river Sarne and another river. However, the entries for both Saath and Sarys (Vaes Graddakh) puts them in the Sarne delta. But those are mutually exclusive, the rivers that go by Sathar empties in the Bay of Tusks, nowhere near the other cities or the delta they sit in..