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  1. I hope Brienne doesn't betray Jaime. It's such an unsettling thought, especially considering the author. Unfortunately Jaime could die and it wouldn't change much going forward. In fact if Jaime did go, what if Margery appointed Loras to take his place? There might be a lot more plot potential there than what Jaime would do from this point on. UnCat has been around very long considering how little her character offers. Why would thousands of men that don't have allegiances beyond the lord of lights serve a clearly evil undead woman who can barely speak and has no powers or real goals? She wouldn't be able to hold an army for long without using them. If she does go soon what if Brienne kills Jaime anyways so she keeps her Oath in a twist of irony? What if she has Jaime kill HER with the sword to sacrifice her life to save Jaime's? There's some fun small ideas, but I don't see them sticking around much longer. Brienne's oath is to protect the Starks, but it's going to be impossible. Bran and Rickon are presumed dead and are unreachable, Arya is a lone wolf, and she'd only endanger Sansa by trying to protect her. The writing on the wall seems to say that Brienne and Jaime both have exhausted their use in this storyline.
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