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    Favorite POV Character

    Like a lot of people, I rather savor and look forward to Jon Snow's point of views, mostly because I think we can all relate with starting a new life that we idealize and eventually come to feel not only utterly alone in, but also slapped in the face with the reality of the situations. It's also easy to relate to feeling unjustly antagonized and underestimated at times. On top of all of these extremely relatable feelings, he still somehow manages to gain recognition and respect from his peers, something we all hope to accomplish someday. My second favorite is a tie between Tyrion and Arya. Tyrion for his wit, and ability to face the truth and come to terms with it, despite the fact that a huge part of his truth is something a lot of people never really have to deal with, being the Imp. Arya just because I remember doing similar things when I was her age, training myself in combat, although I personally pushed myself further past the sword (learning both Kobudo and hand-to-hand combats after my parents noted my interests and watching extensive kung-fu movies and shows growing up). My father was also the only person who seemed to be able to actually connect with me and inspire me to do what was expected of me, whereas I also rebelled almost extensively to a majority of my authority figures (and to this day, despite my best efforts, I struggle with "disobedience" towards my bosses and such). Lastly, while I don't necessarily relish their POV's, I greatly appreciate Ned and Catelyn's chapters. Personally, I feel that Catelyn is incredibly underrated for her intellect. While not witty like Tyrion, or manipulative like Cersei, she definitely has a gift for noting the characteristics of situations and the different options and consequences for them.