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  1. Even a stunted, twisted, ugly little boy can look down over the world when he's seated on a dragon's back

  2. I think they may follow the book, but it makes the whole Arya/Hound arc seem like a jaunty walk in the woods. If the Hound drops (he was seen being bothered by his wound in this episode), Arya will simply leave him and then use the coin and "valar morghulis" to get aboard. But again it just seems like the adventure with the Hound was a total waste for her character and the fact that she gave her name---ACK
  3. Yup. And now I don't know how they get from "I am Arya Stark" to the lost blind girl in Bravoss.
  4. Jorah, come back!

  5. Unrealistic yes, but it was the climax to the whole scene, each moment getting more andmore intense. The squishing was a sort of literal release from the tension that was building for the last few mins. I admit, I had to look away during that part. I knew Oberyn was going to die but once I realized what The Moutain was doing and that they were really going to show it, I had to look away.
  6. Agreed. At this point, what else can she do? She's just declared herself to be Ayra Stark after being so many other people at this point, and it turns out...she's still screwed.
  7. I gave it a 7/10. I thought the duel was very well done, but it was left to the final 10 mins or so and before then was a very long talk about beetles. I understand the philisopicial questions behind the beetle conversation, but still it chugged on and on for too long. There was a lot jam packed into this episode and it felt like we jumped around almost too much. I didn't need more Ramsey, Roose and Reek (not necessarily a problem with the show because I have the same issue with the book--Theon should have died at some point to spare us this storyline). The wildling attack and the Wall bit was neccesary, I know, but stil took time away from other stuff. While I knew the Jorah/Dany scene had to come at some poit (though I was praying it wouldn't) I was shocked that it came this episode, when more time should have been devoted to the duel and Tyrion's fate. However, Iain Glen is great as wounded Jorah. I'll be upset if there was no posion on the spear. That's a missed oppertunity. The Grey Worm/ Messandi scene felt out of nowhere. While I like their character generally, they are not why I tune in each week. It's problem ASOIAF has in general--too many characters and threads trying to be tied together. Finally, I gained a bit of respect for Sansa this episode, who has always been one of my least favorite characters. I enjoy the fact that she might have the upper hand over LF.
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