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    Aegon III is my new favourite Targaryen character

    There are definitely some great characters we were fortunate enough to learn about. Standout among then in my opinion were the Velaryons. Corlys , Addam and Alyn are so badass. Made me interested in the Velaryons of present
  2. This is the only time we hear of them interacting at a martial level; thhats why I bring it up. The two were rivals and GRRM does have a recuring theme of making one rival better on horse and the other with sword (Jon and Rob), so Daemon may very well be more skilled than baelor with a sword. I just like to throw Baelor in there with him as an honroable mention.
  3. I remember Baelor actually besting Daemon in tourney. Iirc
  4. Wasn’t Baelor Breakspear better?