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Ko Rakharo

Jaime's self-pity

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Everyone says ASoS is about changing your mind on Jaime. I haven't, though. Jaime proved to be a well-built character, misunderstood to the latest and manipulated by his closest friends and family, I know. This topic is to discuss up to which point Jaime was a pawn to everyone's plans.

There are some (about five) quite depressing moments where he feels like his right hand was everything he was; a sword hand for other people's interests, and although he did what he did, people should start seeing his side; a side that he is the only one who knows.

However the nature of the POV shifts makes me feel suspicious of every character; just like AGoT Sansa chapters are just about describing faces and vests and seeing innocence, or like Bran and Arya chapters are oft-filled with claims of unjustice toward the two children themselves, Jaime's chapters are full of self-pity to me.

It was his decision to kill Aerys instead of leaving the job to Ser Amory Lorch, Gregor Clegane or even Tywin's men; disobeying the king when there were only him and Rossart in the court wouldn't be a big deal. Tywin never wanted him to take the white (nor did Cersei) and upon the royal shift he would again be the heir to the Rock. Could he see all of it at the time? Yes. He was ordered to bring the King his father's head -- what would he answer? The assault had begun, the Red Keep had been invaded, and Lannister bannermen would be there in no time -- and so it was. He was the kingslayer, and he could by all means have avoided it and still keep more honor as a pawn to Robert's rebellion than the key to its working.

Flinging Bran was also utterly stupid. There isn't much to say about that that hasn't been said by Cersei in books two and three.

Trying to escape Brienne before escaping the Riverlands -- did he have his brain working?

Yet he says it was all because people manipulated him. Because Tywin wanted him to do this, Aerys was the king and ordered him that he did that, he loved Cersei and couldn't help but doing blah. I think he has a serious problem of self-pity.

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