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Ygritte & Jon Snow

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Ygritte & Jon Snow (Season 4 separation) :bang:

I have no idea what to do, I loved seeing Jon Snow and Ygritte together, their separation left me scattered and dissapointed.

Never thought a movie/book/serie could catch me like this. But it sure did, with a huge amount aswell.

Personally I believe that the war of the north wall could almost have been a serie of it's own,

that's what makes it so exciting! While the seven kingdoms have their thrill the war of the wall brings just as much joy!

The love between Jon Snow and Ygritte was according to me one of the best performed 2014 between all series I've seen!

As hyped as 'The fault in our stars' was, I still believe that this part of Game of Thrones crushed it.

As mentioned, I was caught in this.

The following day I immediatly made a memorial video of the two.


Anyone else who felt the same?

Regarding not only the love of the two, but also the intense focus of the wall.

(PS. Watched all four seasons in 4 days, might be the reason I was so caught in it).

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