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[No Spoilers] Tyrion´s awakening and Breakfast // A few thougts.

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i read the books, but i just rewatched this particular episode so im only refering to it.

At first i found this scene funny and the breakfast interesting. The Wakeup and Joff slapping is still only funny...

beside the fact Tyrion is hitting a possible future King in the face. Implies he has some balls and at least a pretty

good standing in the family, besides his...flaws. But this has been discussed often im sure.

After some rewatches, i do like the breakfast scene more and more. As we saw, he awoke in a stable, apparently he was up late

and drunk quite a bit. Said "good mornig" to his nephew and his hound and procedes to the "apparantely" Lannister-only Breakfast Hall.

As he enters throwing his Breakfast orders around to several bypassing servants, sits down and totally takes over the table. ;)

I mean he drunk the last night, slept long (and in a stable...) but he nevertheless seems to be the one to be best informed whats

going on in the castle(Bran´s injury). Who knows with whom he had a drink last night, i bet he wasn´t drinking alone.

Yes..it´s Tyrion...he could have very well been drinking in a brothel. But maybe he drunk with Maester Luwin or someone else important in the Castle.

The rest of the scene with Tyrion wishing Bran to wake up and tell his story, certainly knowing this will not go in line with his familys wishes, is also great.

Somehow this scene did hook me totally up to Tyrion / Dinklage´s portrayal on the show.

Maybe it´s a bit less against some of those highly elaborated theorys heres on this forum. But maybe, its just a first try. ;)


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Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

Nice post.

I also liked that scene - not only the slapping but also this breakfast.

It's a great setup for things to come. Jaime stays with Tyrion, Cersei and the kids (Tommen and Myrcella) leave.

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Wonder if he likes his bacon burnt black because of his Dragon Aspects...

That's a good question.

But I think I'll refer you to the third "A+J= T" thread in the general section for the books.

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