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Is Daenerys a Fake Lord of Light?

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Here's a crazy theory that I'm not even sure I believe in, but which seems to make more sense in the HBO series than in the books:

At the end of season 4, Melisandre gives Jon Snow a strange long look when she sees him for the first time. In the first episodes of season 5 it is clearly hinted that she is starting to doubt that Stannis is the Lord of Light reborn, especially in the scene where she looks at Jon Snow from afar when saying "to follow my Lord" (or something to that extend) to Stannis, making him believe she was referring to Stannis himself.

In episode 3 of season 5 we get introduced to another red priestess in Volantis who is preaching that Daenerys is the Lord(ess) of Light. Then she sees Tyrion and gives him the same creepy look that Melisandre gave Jon Snow last season.

So, do we have two pretender Lord of Lights in Stannis and Daenerys and two true Lord of Lights in Jon and Tyrion? I'm not saying this is what the books are hinting at but we know from experience that some hints are much clearer in the TV show that they ever were in the books.

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