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George's Favorite Troll : Benjen Stark


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Some thoughts on Benjen Stark as George's all-time favorite troll

What if his relevance to the story ended the moment he brought Jon to the wall.  Whether or not he is alive means nothing at all to the events, or influences any characters in our story after his ranging mission.  George took a character with innumerable connections to others in the world, and so much story potential, in a very happening area story wise, and just wasted everything to troll with everyone.  The ultimate Red Herring 

And George admired his work so much that he requested the show runners use it as well.  If so, good work by D&D doing it at such a huge moment, in place of the Pink Letter.  


Or of course, Benjen could play many different roles of varying relevancy to the story and already has since his ranging ?????   

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