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Saddle your horses and put on your tinfoil helmets. Episode 10 predictions [possible spoilers]

Big Jon

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Hi, been reading some of the theories so this is probably some chaoitc ragtag combo of other people's ideas plus my conclusions. I'm writing this on my phone so no sources atm unfortunately.  


What I think will happen? 


1. Bronze Jon will be with the army... sansa will talk to him and I'm sure he'll want to verify whether her cart was attacked or gifted to ramsay. He knows what LF is and how dangerous he can be so it's safe to say that he'll try to warn sansa but she obviously knows already. I think sansa a will plan to off LF maybe next season. I haent come across this theory before. 


2. Jon's heritage.  I'd be super surprised if there wasn't a bran scene in TOJ or Jon gone down to the crypt to bury rickon. Thrn he stays in the crypt to apologise to him for not being fast enough (or for not giving him apocaliptico tips lol) and he hears something and/or ghost goes lower into the crypts and Jon follows.  


3. Shiet hits the fan in KL. I can imagine people getting offed. Not sure if it will be by vary or qyburn/mountain. Pycelle and Kevan are safe bets. I can also imagine the trial of cersei where she tells mountain to kill everyone. I remember that tommen announced something about TbC but I'm not sure whether it's gonna be blocked after cerseis one or beforehand. Assuming the after option HS will make a deal with loras, he fights the mountain for his freedom. Loras does but knocks off mountains helmet in the process showing zombie. Things get heated and tommen gets killed by the mob. 

I don't think KL will burn in this episode. Too soon. 


4. Cba with dany. Her arc is extremely boring and predictible.  


5. WWs will break the wall. Remember Bran's mark? It nullified the cotf magic. Bran has no safe place beyond the wall so he'll try to run to Jon obviously. Unclearly B will take him via the secret tunnel and the wall will lose its magical properties in the process. 

Now go back to the hold the door ep. Look how the NK used the earthquake to shake the tree. Why was this scene shown? It's not like it made huge holes in the tree. All we could see was some dust and sticks falling, no huge sections to justify the use if earthquake. I think the wights could go thru anyway. My theory is that once the cotf magic is nullified by Brans mark the NK will use the earthquake thingy on the wall... right where the castle black is with the tunnel . The whole wall doesn't need to fall down, just the entrance. Also consider the dead giants... and what living giants did to the gates in castle black. We never heard about Jon sealing the tunnels.


6. I've seen some post about ice dargon. There was this gid in hardholme episode where you could see a shadow of a dragon. 

A guy caalorwork on reddit added this in a post about hardholme https://gfycat.com/MetallicDistortedAlleycat

Looks defo like somethings flying thru the sky. Maybe this dragon is the thing that brings this cold? Maybe it breaths winter just like the fire dragons breathe fire? Is it the great other?  

Edit: this yt video shows the scene 

listen at 0:02, 0:10, 0:16, 0:22, 0:27. Don't mind the end of the vid haha. It's not WWs screaming because their scream is higher pitched and much longer in every scene we've seen them. 


7. Tinfoil intensifies here folks. Saddle up. I think there's a strong dragon under winterfell. It might wake up once the last stark is laid in the crypts (bran will never rule Winterfell, I think BR told him something along these lines). Absence of a stark will cause the dragon to wake up.

OR this stone dragon is somehow a defense mechanism once the wall is broken.

I think the starks were always the balancing force vs the WWs and the fire. 



Hollllllyyy cheetah. I'm so excited for the episode tomorrow! 

What do you think? Which ppints make sense or are completely way way too farfetched? 

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