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***SPOILERS***Hey guys...remember that time...***SPOILERS***

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9 hours ago, gregg22 said:

Totally agree with this. That scene would have had much greater affect had we been able to connect with Tommen more. There is so much irony there, with him dying that way.  The conflict in this story begins with Jamie and Cersei trying to protect their children (their secret) by pushing Brandon Stark out the window. They got what they gave Bran.

It also seemed to me that Cersei basically pushed him out that window. She was already resigned to the fact that Tommen would die before her (as she told Jamie this season she was convinced Maggy the Frog was right). She was furious when he exposed her to a trial of seven septons. She couldn't do it herself, and sent Ser Strong/Clegane/Mountain to stop him from going to the sept. But part of me wonders if he was also made to watch the show. We also don't see her go to him in the aftermath. She does not cry when when he dies. She was dressed to rule (or even be crowned) before the explosion happened.

This is my take on why:

When Qyburn asks about a funeral, I think she just sees Tommen as another MAN from her family that tried to rule and failed. If Tywin had only seen, if Joffrey had only seen..if Tommen had only seen..she was the strong one, she could rule better than them all. Just another failure. He belongs with the other failures. She hadnt just burned the faith militant, the high septon, the tyrells, uncle Kevin..she burned Tywin and Joffrey too. She didn't kill him, she didn't have too. He did it to himself, just the like she knew he would, just like the rest. Burn him, and put him in the pile of ashes with the other failures.

^^ Pretty much my take as well. I think she had accepted his death long before it happened. I won't say I think she knew what he would do or that she wanted him to jump out the window but, she didn't have The Mountain stay there and make sure he didn't do anything crazy, nor was she there to comfort him after the explosion. She was pissed about him not letting her have trial by combat. So, I think she was punishing him and since she had already resigned herself to his death, his reaction didn't matter to her. It was bound to happen anyways.

But, I did notice she didn't look particularly happy when she took the crown. It was a day she'd been wanting for a very long time and she didn;t have that usual smug, satisfied look about her. She looked more...scared? Numb?? I'm not sure what the right word is but it wasn't a look of satisfaction.

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